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Кит Preston Innovations Response F1 Short Stop Kit

  • Производитель: Preston innovations
  • Модель: RES/KIT1
  • Наличие: Под заказ
3333.00 р.
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Perfect for F1's when fishing in shallow water, up to islands, in the margins or up in the water.

The short 1.84m length just gives you the right amount of length of elastic to play F1's, carp and silvers. The Short F1 Kit has many benefits and will seriously improve your efficiency and speed on the bank.

The short length makes playing fish much easier, the fish pop up right buy your net which makes it much easier to land the fish.

All of the Response kits feature Internal Slip PTFE bushes, which massively improve the smoothness and performance of your elastic.

This kit isn't just designed for F1's, though. Some of the Preston stars target silverfish with the Short Stop kits. the short length of elastic makes it easy to swing in fish, ultimately increasing speed and rhythmic efficiency.

Features & Spec

  • Pre-bushed with 3mm Internal Slip bush
  • Key reinforcements on female section & Roller Pulla area
  • 1.84m in length
  • Elastic Rating - 14 Solid or 13 Hollo
  • Internal diameter 18.5mm
  • Bore Diameter 4.7mm

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