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Кормушка Korum MINI Grub Feeder

  • Производитель: Korum
  • Модель: KGF15,KGF30
  • Наличие: Под заказ
134.00 р.
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After the huge success of the original Grub Feeder, we've introduced a smaller version to the range. These easy-to-use feeders make maggot fishing simple, quick and extremely effective. Simply click open the clam-style lid, fill with maggots and click the base into position. It's aerodynamic shape also allows it to fly effortlessly through the air on the cast. 
The new smaller size is perfect for anglers using Quivertip style feeder rods. They fly through the air like a bullet for accurate casting to features like islands, and far margins.
Easy to use
Clever shape reduces bait loss during casting 
Updated closing clip to keep feeder shut on hard impacts
Available in two weights - 15g + 30g

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