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Модули Preston Innovations MAG LOK - TRAYS & UNITS

  • Производитель: Preston innovations
  • Модель: P0890001, P0890006, P0890007, P0890012
  • Наличие: Под заказ
2733.00 р.
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Four Mag Lok Trays enable you to comfortably store terminal tackle and accessories.

Each Mag Lok tray features strong NEO magnet clips which give you reliability, confidence and up to the job!

Available Trays & Units;

Seatbox Lid Unit

Seatbox Lid gives you the ability to carry your additional trays and drawers. The strong TPE handlecan cope with the weight of several trays and gives you a good grip which is perfect for transportation.

100mm Unit

The Mag Lok 100mm Unit is perfect for storing larger items if tackle, suhc as reels, EVA cases, spare spools, catapults, hooklength boxes, etc.

26mm Shallow Tray Unit

The Mag Lok 26mm Shallow Tray Unit is ideal for storing a multiude of different tackle/accessories. This unit can also be adpated to a Winder tray when used in conjunciton with our Dividier Kits.

40mm Deep Tray Unit

The Mag Lok 40mm Deep Tray unit has been deisgned to store larger terminal tackle and accessories. This tray can also store up to four of our InBox Winder Trays.


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