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Поплавки Matrix Micro Bagging Waggler

  • Производитель: Fox Matrix
  • Модель: GAC317,GAC318
  • Наличие: Под заказ
236.00 р.
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In addition to our new Impact Bagging Waggler we also have this refined Micro Bagging Waggler, which is basically a crystal pellet waggler with the addition of our feeder cage at the base. The clear body reduces the chances of fish spooking whilst the cage at the base enables you to introduce a steady stream of free feed around your hookbait, which is especially helpful when you are fishing out of catapult. The waggler also comes supplied with interchangeable weights to allow you to fine tune the float depending on the amount of feed you wish to mould around the cage. There are two sizes available which are 8g and 10g.

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