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Садок Preston Innovations Space Saver Keep Net

  • Производитель: Preston innovations
  • Модель: KNET12, KNET13
  • Наличие: Под заказ
3333.00 р.
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With anglers catching more and more fish on commercial fisheries these days carrying and using extra keepnets has caused various headaches. Not any more!

With its innovative reversed top ring you can now locate up to five Space Saver Keepnets in front of your seatbox when used in conjunction with an OffBox Pro Snap-Lok Pro Tool Bar and this unique orientation also facilitates the easy transfer of fish from landing net to keepnet.

Our existing Space Saver Keepnets have been incredibly popular, so we have added two new lengths to the Space Saver range. These two NEW lengths are designed with our unique Quick Dry material which speeds up the drying process after your match/pleasure session.

The NEW 3m and 4m design covers a wide array of venues and situations. Perfect for rivers, canals, commericals and stillwaters.

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