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Вершинки для удилищ Preston Innovations DUTCH MASTER SENTIENT TIPS

  • Производитель: Preston innovations
  • Модель: DMS/TIP01, DMS/TIP02, DMS/TIP03, DMS/TIP04
  • Наличие: Под заказ
1533.00 р.
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We've covered a wide range of tip sizes and strengths for the Dutch Master Sentient range. We know that feeder anglers target a variety of species and venues, so you need to have different options to get the best performance from the rods.

1/2oz Ultra Light (White)

This tip is a good choice for when you're targeting  shy biting roach, and skimmers. Most effective when coupled with a braid main line as the ultra sensitive tip shows bites from even the finickiest of fish.

3/4oz Light (Red)

The 3/4oz Light tip is the first choice for short range feeder fishing on lakes, canals and even rivers. Nice soft action tip that's perfect for smaller silverfish like skimmers and roach.

1oz Medium-Light (Orange)

Perfect tip choice for medium distance bream and skimmer fishing on a wide range of venues. The soft action in the tip still gives you the sensitivity required for the species, but the extra strength and size provides you with a power reserve that's needed for the bigger skimmers and bream. The first choice for any type of feeder fishing for bream and skimmers.

1.5oz Medium (Yellow)

The heaviest tip we've produced in the Dutch Master Sentient range. Great for bigger bonus fish like bream, tench, chub and even carp. The ideal choice for any type of big fish feeder fishing.

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