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Карповое удилище Advanta Discovery CSX Carp Rod

  • Производитель: Advanta
  • Модель: AD066,AD067
  • Наличие: Под заказ
1999.00 р.
Цена без учета доставки
Made from extra tough 30T carbon blanks
High power to diameter ratio
18mm DPS reel seat
Lightweight LTS guides
Laser etched butt cap
Line friendly polished carbon finish line clip
Available in 2.75lb (40mm butt guide), 3lb and 3.25lb (50mm butt guide)
Advanta Discovery CSX Carp Rod
Established in 2011, the Advanta brand has come along way in just a few short years thanks to its ethos of quality and value for money. In fact, it is now the go-to brand for countless anglers across the UK and Europe, who love its high end products at exceptional prices. The Discovery series is Advanta’s dedicated range of carp tackle and it features a whole host of products which are perfect for the discerning carp angler. From bivvies and bedchairs through to cooking equipment, no matter what you’re after you’re bound to find a high-production, value for money option in the Advanta Discovery range. As you might expect, this CSX Carp Rod series has been designed with the Advanta ethos in mind and it showcases some of the most up-to-date technologies in a wallet-saving package.
There are three different rod types in the Advanta Discovery CSX Carp Rod range, allowing you to choose the ideal rod specification to suit your needs. Firstly, you’ll find a 2.75lb test rod. This is the only rod in the range which has been fitted with a 40mm butt ring and, as such, it lends itself to close quarters angling. The next two rods both feature 50mm butt rings, enabling you to punch out your terminal tackle that little big further. The first of these rods is a 3lb test curve option. This is an ideal intermediate rod which is perfect for the angler who likes to be able to target small and large waters with equal confidence. The second of the rods has 3.5lb test. This is the true big water performer, although it also able to handle fishing at a mid-range, and it is ideal for the UK and European angler who wants to target huge venues. With this range of options available, whether you’re targeting large marginal carp or huge big water beasts, you’ll be able to find the ideal rod for your needs.
All three of the rods are built on a high performance 12ft blank. This has been manufactured from 30T carbon, which is an extra-tough carbon construction offering outstanding action. This is a progressive rod which stores tonnes of power in reserve, ready for when you to need to add those extra few feet onto your cast or for when you’re wrangling with an especially crafty carp who is desperate to lose you in a snag. This blank is also ultra-slim, in the true Advanta style, and it has a power to diameter ratio which you’ll hardly believe until you’ve got a huge carp putting a curve in the blank!
The Advanta Discovery CSX Carp Rod is fitted with high end furnishings, too. This includes an 18mm DPS reel seat, which has been reinforced with 3k carbon weave collars to ensure that it is every bit as strong as you require it to be. Lightweight LTS guides ensure that this rod is a completely balanced and a dream to cast over both short and long range. These are finished in a dark gun metal grey colour which perfectly complements the matt black finish of the blank and it gives the rods a modern, bespoke look. The blank is finished with a full Japanese shrink wrap grip. This ensures that you never need worry about the rod slipping or twisting in your grasp, even when it is slick with rain or your hands are numb with cold. As a final feature, the rod has also been fitted with a carbon finish line clip. This is completely line friendly and it allows you to cast with the kind of accuracy that you require when you’re aiming for big fish – without the worry that you’re going to cause damage to your line. If you’re looking for a top end carp fishing rod which doesn’t break the bank then you really cannot go wrong with the Advanta Discovery CSX Carp Rod.


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