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Карповое удилище Advanta Discovery RVS Rod Power

  • Производитель: Advanta
  • Модель: AD124
  • Наличие: Под заказ
2666.00 р.
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2ft all round barbel rod
Quiet water stalking or floodwater fishing
2lb test curve
Luminous white 2lb Avon tip section
Whether you’re stalking barbel on a quiet spring morning, or fishing floodwaters after a sudden summer storm, the Advanta Discovery RVS Power rod gives you the advantage you need to succeed.
Advanta are rapidly becoming synonymous with expert knowledge and targeted passion, and nowhere is this more evident than in their Discovery range of rods, each one tailored for a different aspect of the angling game.  In the case of the Advanta Discovery RVS Power, that aspect is everything barbel.
With a 2lb test curve and luminous white Avon tip, this 12ft rod doesn’t mess about, yet its lightweight, slender design makes it sensitive and responsive, with the flexibility to adapt to almost any water course.
Hunting babel is a simple yet pleasant sport, and the Advanta Discovery RVS Power is a simple yet pleasant, and effective, barbel rod.
Barbel are wary, feisty fish, who like darkening conditions, and a good, meaty bait.  Head out early morning or late evening, load up with the right kind of bait, set up your Discovery Power rod, perfectly calibrated for the kind of fight barbel can’t help but put up, and get ready to be given a thorough barbel workout – and not the kind that requires gym memberships.
Barbel get angry when they get hooked, and, when they’re angry, they’re inclined to try and wrench your rod away from you.  The Advanta Discovery Power is built to handle an angry barbel, but do make sure you’re using a solid reel with a strong line.  On the topic of lines, it often helps to run your hookbait out some distance from your feeder, as barbel, unlike some fish, aren’t stupid, and will often prefer to feed at a distance from the centre of a swim, especially one that’s regularly fished.
 If you’re fishing for floodwater barbel, tinned luncheon meat can often prove a very effective bait, as it doesn’t tend to get swirled around so badly by strong waters: a bait in constant, rapid motion is a red flag to barbel.  In floodwater conditions, the bigger the bait, and the stronger the scent, the better.  Scent won’t hang around long in floodwater, however, so it’s a good idea to take some liquid bait with you, and add it to the water throughout your session.
The Advanta Discovery RVS Power rod is built to handle not just barbel, but also the typical set up that would be used to fish floodwaters – big, solid weights, thick line, strong hooks, and a good chunk of bait.  With the Advanta advantage, you have peace of mind that your gear won’t let you down when it counts.


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