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Карповое удилище Harrison Advanced Ballista Custom Build

8589.00 р.
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The Harrison Ballista is a design classic. Like an air-cooled Porsche, it delivers the benchmark in performance and bullet proof build quality.
When we introduced it, everyone else was making Carp rods with spigot joints. All the other Carp fishing rods seemed heavy and big in diameter. The tips of the other rods were thick, and unwilling to bend to the strain of a fish. Other rods were made in the same fibres from tip to butt, unlike our multi modulus approach to design. Kevlar was still being pushed as a wonder material, and others were flirting with Dyneema and Boron.
Today, many of our competitors have followed the lead we made with Ballista, some even cynically and unashamedly copying our tapers. But, thats not a problem, as "He who aims to keep abreast, is for ever second best" Piet Hein. That is why, in 2006 we are still selling them like hot cakes! So let us recap on what makes Ballistas a firm favourite across Europe. 
Sizes Available 11' 2.5 to 13' 4lb TC
Most Popular sizes for UK Carp: 12' 2 3/4 and 3lb
Most Popular European Blank 13' 4lb. 
1. They are made in the UK by a team who are all anglers.
2. We us top quality Carbon.
3. We use a range of different carbon fibres throughout the rod to suit the differing requirements of the different zones.
4. The joints are ultra reliable overfit - no spigots to break.
4. Diameter is low and remains the benchmark.
5. Rolled on the latest piano key rolling tables.
6. Made by the most experienced team around.
7. Inspiration for so many "Me too" products.

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