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Карповое удилище Harrison Advanced Cerbera Carp Rods

  • Производитель: Harrison Advanced rods
  • Модель: C12300, C12325
  • Наличие: Под заказ
15863.00 р.
Цена без учета доставки
The Cerbera looks, feels and performs like a the very best Carp rods on the market, but the price might surprise you. 
It is British made in Liverpool and has the best fittings you could ask for. Limited quanties are available from only a few of our dealers.
Cerberus was a many headed beast that guarded the underworld by seeing in several directions. Cerbera, is designed to look in two directions, to handle fish close in, and be a versatile casting rod in the 100 to 130yd range. The action is fractionally less fast than Torrix, and a little quicker than Chimera. It is born out of both of these, having carbon 1k carbon fabric finish like a Torrix but with the tip tapers of the Chimera. It is impossible to make a true all round rod, but this comes close.
So in a nutshell, we have aimed to make this the best sub £200 rod on the market with British build, Harrison design and the best of components. If you compare the build quality and uncompromising components specification, I hope you will agree we have achieved this. Only one problem though - Cerbera will be made in limited quanitities and will only be available from our premier dealers.
12' 3lb and 3.25 Test curves
Kigan 50 3D Ring set for long casting.
Attractive matt blank.
Fuji 18 DPS reel seat to handle a wide range of reels.
Discreet minimalist logos and branding.
Smooth powerful action for middle to medium distance.


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