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Карповое удилище Harrison Advanced Trebuchet Custom Carp Rod

20251.00 р.
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The Trebuchet was the dominant weapon for attacking castles under siege in Europe from around 850AD. It was used to fire large rocks and other missiles to put the fear of god into the people under siege. I thought it an appropriate name for my new distance carp rod which is unlike anything we have made before. 
My efforts have always been tipped towards designing rods that are easy to cast accurately by the average caster and that are light, responsive and well balanced to fish with. It is what Harrison Rods are known for. But I thought it was time we offered something a bit more radical. I am a competitive guy and I get a bit fed up when companies that have been in the rod business a very short time and have no in-depth technical know-how on rods, make extravagant claims on their distance rods. So I set out to make the best long distance carp rod on the market. Trebuchet was born. 
I have been helped in development by a number of top anglers and casters. Bruce Ashby suggested the name, Chris Orme and Terry Edmunds helped in the development and we have now had the finished rod through the hands of some very capable casters for feedback and final tweaking. 
Trebuchet is a real world distance fishing rod. The distances it has achieved are not with pendulum casts. 200yds is achievable on the casting field which means that there is the potential to fish at 150yds and more depending on your level of skill. Below are some notes from Terry Edmonds who has been most helpful in this project. He offers casting lessons if you need to improve your distance.

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