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Комплект Удилище+Катушка Advanta Discovery RVS Rod Twin Tip Lite & Shimano Baitrunner ST RB 6000 Reel Combo

  • Производитель: Advanta
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5267.00 р.
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Advanta Discovery RVS Rod Twin Tip Lite
All round specimen rod
1.25lb test curve
Carrier section with 0.5, 1, and 2oz quiver tips
Ideal for fishing small streams and margins
Length: 11ft rod
Shimano Baitrunner ST RB Reel
Shielded Stainless Steel Bearings
XT-7 Frame, Double Handle
Cap Bail, Super Stopper II
Dyna-Balance, Power Roller, Diecast Gear
Model: 6000
Advanta Discovery RVS Rod Twin Tip Lite,
An ideal rod for specimen fishing, the Advanta Discovery RVS Rod Twin Tip Lite is designed for the skilled, focused angler. Like all Advanta products, it is designed with passion, and built with knowledge and expertise.
Ideal for drawing chub from small to medium sized rivers, and picking quality tench and barbel from the margins, this is a lightweight, highly responsive specimen rod, with a 30T carbon blank, and carrier section which includes 0.5, 1, and 2oz quiver tips. With a 1.25lb test curve and Avon top, this rod is dainty, but by no means delicate.
At 11ft, the Advanta Lite is ideal for fishing marginal swims and smaller rivers, where you won’t necessarily need length so much as strength and sensitivity. If you like your fishing focused and specific, you’ll love Advanta’s range of rods, each designed to meet the differing requirements of the different fishing disciplines. With the Discovery Twin Tip Lite specimen rod, Advanta have addressed the needs of the specialist angler, who will usually be fishing for a variety of species, but all on the heftier side, or big, strong, healthy examples of one particular fish species.
This is an easy, adaptable rod, that suits subtle rigs, but can also handle the big, beefy baits needed to take specimen sized fish, without seeming overloaded. Obviously, you’re not going to be going after carp with this rod, but it should deliver good sized, healthy smaller fish, including chub and barbel, which can be equally satisfying to hunt, track, and catch. The team behind Advanta are passionate about fishing, knowledgeable about technology and design, and dedicated to bringing those two elements together in the ideal package for specialist anglers from across the range of fishing disciplines. Where passion meets performance, success is rarely far behind. When you pick up the Advanta advantage, you take the first step in your journey as a successful, satisfied angle.
Shimano Baitrunner ST RB Reel,
Designed for anglers who want all the reliability, durability, and quality of unrivalled Shimano Baitrunner technology, but who don’t want to pay the price tag, the Shimano Baitrunner ST RB is the perfect choice. The Baitrunner system is one of the easiest to use on the market, which has made it a favourite for carp anglers worldwide, whether they are life long carp fishing fanatics or newcomers to the sport. The ST RB is no different.
The Shimano Baitrunner ST RB contains all the features you’d expect from a high performance Shimano Baitrunner reel. It is manufactured from XT7 carbon, which is Shimano’s go-to composite reel material. This creates a strong and rigid housing for the reel’s mechanisms, ensuring that it can stand up to intensive use over an extended period of time. The spol on the reel is manufactured from lightweight aluminium and is constructed on Shimano’s patented AR-C design. This is an uniquely designed spool with an angled spool lip – proven to prevent backlash and wind knots when you’re casting with a braided mainline. This also helps all line types to peel from the reel in small coils, which aids with accurate distance casting.
Power Roller also helps to eliminate the risk of line twist, whether you’re fishing with a braided mainline or a monofilament line, and this really comes into play when you’re fishing with line on the thinnest end of the spectrum. The Shimano Baitrunner ST RB is also fitted with the brand’s Varispeed line lay technology. This is a dual gear system – one oval and one square – which ensures that you experience parallel line lay each time you spool up. The reel’s balanced double handle is fitted with Super Stopper II, which eliminates rearward blackplay when the reel is set in anti-reverse. DynaBalance removes reel wobble on the retrieve, too, and it ensures that all the power you push through your handle is directed into the gearing.


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