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Карповый мат  Nash Carp Cradle Deluxe
7410.00 р.
User friendly on any bank, the Carp Cradle Deluxe uses adjustable legs with swivel mud feet to co..
Карповый мат Advanta Beanie Unhooking Mat Lite
1333.00 р.
Offers all year-round protection and safety Made for Carp and other species Features poly..
Карповый мат Advanta Deluxe Beanie Unhooking Mat
1999.00 р.
Outstanding fish safety 600 denier waterproof fabric Generously padded to protect lively ..
Карповый мат Advanta Deluxe Foam Unhooking Mat
1999.00 р.
Outstanding fish safety 600 denier waterproof fabric Generously padded to protect lively ..
Карповый мат Advanta Discovery CCX Rehab Cradle
3999.00 р.
DPM version of our best-selling CX Rehab Cradle Delivers exceptional fish care and protection..
Карповый мат Advanta Discovery CSX Hi-Loft Cradle
2999.00 р.
Another new addition to our fish care range Keeps fish off the ground at all times Super ..
Карповый мат Advanta Discovery CX Rehab Cradle Unhooking Mat
2533.00 р.
Delivers exceptional fish care Great protection while retaining carp Folds down to a comp..
Карповый мат Advanta Standard Unhooking Mat
666.00 р.
Designed with the session angler in mind Does exactly what is needed Excellent value for ..
Карповый мат Aqua Products Camo Combi Mat
6593.00 р.
Featuring the new DPM Camo Aquatexx fabric the well thought out Combi mat offers ultimate protect..
Карповый мат Aqua Products Camo Roving Mat
4120.00 р.
Featuring the new DPM camo Aquatexx fabric the Camo Roving mat is light weight yet practical the ..
Карповый мат Aqua Products Combi Mat
4589.00 р.
The Combi Mat is a tried and tested design this fully featured combination mat offers the ultimat..
Карповый мат Aqua Products Roving Unhooking Mat
3872.00 р.
Part of the new Atom® Concept this light weight yet practical unhooking mat provides a compact so..
Карповый мат Avid Carp Carp Cots
3543.00 р.
CARP COTS   This superb mat offers the best combination of hard sides, fish safety a..
Карповый мат Avid Carp Combination Mat
3644.00 р.
The Avid Carp Combination Mat combines super thick foam with beanie mat technology for the ultima..
Карповый мат Avid Carp Folda-Cradles
4252.00 р.
Folda-Cradles With a unique fold-flat design, padded side panels and an integral fish calming..
Карповый мат Avid Carp Mobile Roll-A Mat
3037.00 р.
This roll-up unhooking mat is a great option for anglers who want to travel light, without compri..
Карповый мат Avid Carp Safeguard
4934.00 р.
Avid Carp Safeguard Standard Размеры: 90cm x 50cm. Вес 3.8kg.   Avid Carp Safegu..
Карповый мат Chub X-TRA Protection Beanie Mat
2024.00 р.
Improved square shape extreme soft and durable material Large mat offering allround prote..
Карповый мат Chub X-TRA Protection Cradle
4725.00 р.
Chub's own designed U- shaped arm slots Unique fold flat design for easy transport Improv..
Карповый мат Chub X-TRA Protection Cradle XL
6074.00 р.
Chub's own designed U- shaped arm slots Unique fold flat design for easy transport Improv..
Карповый мат Chub X-TRA Protection Duo Mat
4049.00 р.
Extreme soft and durable outside material 8cm Deep cradle design Large dimensions when un..
Карповый мат Chub X-TRA Protection Uplifter Cradle
6750.00 р.
Foldable 2 legged frame for compact transport  adjustable leg system Full padded fis..
Карповый мат Chub X-TRA Protection Zip Sack
1214.00 р.
5 mtr retaining cord High visual marker float included manufactured from our Eazi-Flow gr..
Карповый мат Daiwa Black Widow Unhooking Mat
988.00 р.
Daiwa Black Widow Unhooking Mat, this mat is made fom PU covered flat foam, it is large enough fo..
9333.00 р.
Inflatable unhooking mat design for the ultimate fish protection Two changeable heavy-d..
Карповый мат Fox Carpmaster® Unhooking Mat
6667.00 р.
Хорошо продуманный дизайн этого мата позволяет одному бортику находиться опущенным, куда рыболов ..
Карповый мат Fox Easy Mat
4999.00 р.
FEATURES: • Fish-safe protective cover • Rapid set up and pack away • Carry bag inclu..
Карповый мат Fox Easy Mat Camo
4666.00 р.
‘Pop-up’ frame design enables you to assemble and pack down the whole mat in a matter of seconds ..
Карповый мат Fox Specialist Compact Unhooking Mat
1333.00 р.
 Padded, fish scale friendly material • Measures 95cm x 44cm when unrolled.  • ..
Карповый мат Gardner Poly X-Mat
3525.00 р.
В сложенном виде: длина- 135см, ширина - 81см В разложенном виде: длина- 107см, ширина - 56см..
Карповый мат Gardner Safety Sling Mat
1910.00 р.
Standard: длина - 37" ширина - 32" XL: длина - 48" ширина - 37"  ..
Карповый мат Gardner Specimen Sling Mat
1409.00 р.
Небольшой мат подходящий как для карповой ловли, так и для других пресноводных рыб. Хорошо прошит..
Карповый мат Gardner The Pro Mat
4229.00 р.
Большой мат для карпа и сома. Уникальная транспортировочная конструкция позволяет легко перев..
Карповый мат Greys Prowla Unhooking Mat
2022.00 р.
This long, narrow mat is perfect for predators such as Pike and Zander. The base is made from 30m..
Карповый мат JRC Euro Zip Mat
2359.00 р.
High quality zips Extra strong webbing Generous foam padding Complete with velcro car..
Карповый мат JRC Extreme Carp Cradle
4720.00 р.
Unhooking cradles are immensely popular these days as the carp are very well protected in these m..
Карповый мат JRC High Care Mat XL
5057.00 р.
Мат JRC High Care XL оснащен качественной молнией, рукоятью для удержания серьезных трофеев в..
Карповый мат JRC Maxi Mat
1347.00 р.
Elasticated retaining straps Peg / hanging loops Dimensions: 71 cm x 131 cm ..
Карповый мат JRC Standard Unhooking Mat
877.00 р.
Elasticated retaining straps Peg / hanging loops Dimensions: 51 cm x 92 cm ..
Карповый мат Korum Multi Mat
2066.00 р.
  This mat is a combined unhooking mat, weigh sling and carry bag. Ideal for the m..
Карповый мат Korum Roll-A-Mat
1133.00 р.
ROLL-A-MATS These roll-up unhooking mats are compatible with a number of items of Korum..
8909.00 р.
Kevin’s original concept of carp mats suspended off the ground reduced dangers during unhooking a..
Карповый мат Nash Carp Cradle Mk3
5394.00 р.
From the original innovators of the cradle system the latest generation Mark 3 Carp Cradles take ..
5197.00 р.
 Foam high density base with polyball beanie topper for maximum carp protection • Extra ..
Карповый мат Nash KNX 5 FOLD UNHOOKING MAT
1349.00 р.
A simple but brilliant concertina design mat that reduces transport size but ensures a generous p..
Карповый мат Nash KNX BEANIE MAT
2632.00 р.
No nonsense generous carp protection. When folded, a great way to carry banksticks, waterproofs a..
4454.00 р.
Elevators bring the best in carp care to everyone. Elevator cradles support carp securely and saf..
Карповый мат Nash SCOPE SLING MAT
5940.00 р.
• 8cm high density foam padding and peachskin water resistant finish • Folds to be carried sl..
Карповый мат Prologic CRADLE UNHOOKING MAT
3999.00 р.
Classic design, supreme protection. It pack away easily and compact thanks to the removable main ..
2333.00 р.
• Improved padding for maximum protection • Fish friendly / easy to wash outer fabric • Fold ..
Карповый мат Prologic Cruzade Unhooking Mat
1999.00 р.
All time classic design with a twist! The Cruzade unhooking mat features a well-padded reception ..
Карповый мат Prologic HAMMOK UNHOOKING MAT
6666.00 р.
After the development of the Aluminium X frame connection for our bivvies we have been think at o..
Карповый мат Prologic STALKER MAT
2667.00 р.
The most versatile unhooking mat from the range. It can be used as a stalker bag for the short se..
Карповый мат Prologic XLNT UNHOOKING MAT
2000.00 р.
Beanie mat with full zipper closure that can be used also as weight sling if needed. Generous pad..
Карповый мат Total Fishing Gear TF GEAR COMPACT 2 IN 1 BAG MAT
1686.00 р.
This TF Gear unhooking mat is an amazing item that doubles as a bag. Take your keepnet, landing n..
Карповый мат Trakker SANCTUARY OVAL CRIB
6074.00 р.
OVERVIEW The Sanctuary Oval Crib provides the angler with peace of mind when unhooking and ph..
4724.00 р.
PRODUCT FEATURES   Fish-friendly  surface material High-density foam ensure..
Комплект Advanta Fish Care Combo
7997.00 р.
AVE over 10% off with this Advanta bundle FREE postage and packaging Offers excellent val..
Комплект мат+сумка+подсак Advanta Discovery Deluxe Fish Care Combo
8865.00 р.
1 x Advanta Discovery CX Landing Net 42 (Alu Block)   1 x Advanta Discovery CX Float..
Мат для взвешивания карпа Daiwa Infinity Unhooking Mat
3445.00 р.
  Supplied with padded knee cushion Polystyrene bean filling for improved fish..
Сумка для взвешивания Avid Carp Retaining Slings
2429.00 р.
RETAINING SLINGS   The ultimate short term fish retention sling. Designed to be ultr..