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Карповый мат Advanta Beanie Unhooking Mat Lite

  • Производитель: Advanta
  • Модель: AD099
  • Наличие: Под заказ
1333.00 р.
Цена без учета доставки
Offers all year-round protection and safety
Made for Carp and other species
Features polystyrene bean filling
Designed for maximum fish protection
Webbing handles and Velcro straps for easy carrying
6 pegging points will ensure the mat stays firmly in place

Advanta Beanie Unhooking Mat Lite, 

If you’re in the market for a top quality unhooking mat but you don’t want to wrestle with the bulk of a traditional mat then you need look no further. The Advanta Beanie Unhooking Mat Lite offers all the protection that you could want from a top quality unhooking mat but without the bulk. This makes this mat the ideal option for the dedicated carp angler who wants to ensure that they are meeting all the modern standards of fish care, as it is both large and heavily padded whilst also being incredibly light in weight and offering a compact transportation size.

The Advanta Beanie Unhooking Mat Lite is so lightweight due to its polystyrene bean filling. This is the same filling that you find in objects such as bean bags and stress balls and it is the ideal substance to offer cushioned protection to your catch. Designed in a quilted manner, in order to ensure the beans are evenly distributed throughout the mat for proper padding, the mat also features an extra-padded raised perimeter. This creates a border around the mat, preventing your carp from manoeuvring itself off the mat and onto the rough surface of the bank. This allows you to focus on unhooking your carp and tend to any other wounds (such as bite marks from predators or scale loss from the landing process) rather than worrying that your carp is going to cause itself harm on the bankside. Keeping carp on a smooth and damp surface when they are out of the water is imperative for the health and welfare of the fish. A rough or dry surface could remove the sticky protective mucus from the carp, leaving it exposed to the risk of infection or disease, not to mention the fact that it could also cause further scale damage or injury to the carp’s prominent fins. This is why it is vital that your unhooking mat is manufactured from a smooth material (such as the material used on this Advanta Beanie Unhooking Mat Lite), as well as being filled with dense padding to protect the fish from any bankside lumps and bumps. This mat has been designed to offer maximum protection to a whole range of species, making it as ideal for the dedicated carp angler as it is for the roving specialist angler or the hardcore pike and predator hunter.

This Advanta Beanie Unhooking Mat Lite is exceptionally easy to transport. This isn’t only thanks to its lightweight polystyrene filling! The mat has also been fitted with webbing handles, which are attached together with a Velcro strap, to ensure that it is easy to carry around the bank. Once you’re in place on the bank, this mat is easy to secure down, thanks to six pegging points. These allow you to precision position the mat on the bank and then peg it firmly in place. This ensures that you never have to be worried that a small gust of wind will see you chasing your mat down the bank, as well ensuring that a lively carp can’t shift the mat on the bank.

This Beanie Unhooking Mat Lite forms an excellent addition to the growing Advanta carp range. The brand was first established in 2011 and in just a few short years it has developed an impressive reputation. Available exclusively to Angling Direct, the Advanta brand uses the wisdom and passion of the Angling Direct team to create innovative and practical products which are available year-round to Angling Direct customers. The mat is finished in a carpy khaki colour and will complement any of your existing carp fishing tackle items. 


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