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Карповый мат Advanta Discovery CSX Hi-Loft Cradle

  • Производитель: Advanta
  • Модель: AD132
  • Наличие: Под заказ
2999.00 р.
Цена без учета доставки
Another new addition to our fish care range
Keeps fish off the ground at all times
Super strong black powder coated aluminium frame
Rapid set up and breakdown with sturdy folding legs
High density reinforced foam filled nylon
PVC hammock centre to ensures fish safety and support
Small mesh drainage panels each end
Retains water longer to ensure that your fish remains fully wetted
Tough nylon cover secured with Velcro tabs
Designed to keep fish restrained and calm
Supplied with a zipped carry bag
Frame Dimensions: 100cm L x 65cm W x 30cm H
Weight: 3.5kg
The dynamic brand from Britain’s leading fishing retailer, Angling Direct, Advanta is a brand that is as committed to excellent fish care as it is to exceeding expectations for anglers themselves. Designed to ensure fish are off the ground at all times, and can be safely restrained and kept calm, whilst remaining fully wetted, the Discovery CSX Hi-Loft Cradle is a light yet durable option for the ethical angler who wants to get a good quality shot of their new personal best, but is keen to ensure the fish does not suffer, and can be smoothly returned to the water to swim another day.
The Advanta Discovery CSX Cradle retains more water, for longer, keeping fish calm and comfortable while you set up your camera, and prepare everything for a completely smooth return. Mesh drainage panels at either end of the cradle ensure it doesn’t become waterlogged during the release, which helps prevent mould and deterioration of the fabric, ensuring your Hi-Loft cradle remains functional and safe for many sessions to come.
The PVC hammock centre provides optimum support for all fish species, whilst ensuring safety by preventing the fish from being able to leap off the cradle, and potentially injure themselves, while high density foam filled nylon ensures that being in the cradle does not cause any damage to the fish, allowing it to be released in exactly the condition it was in when it rolled into your net.
A tough nylon cover, secured with Velcro straps, and a black powder coated aluminium frame provides unrivalled robustness and strength, again ensuring complete protection for the fish while it is in the cradle. Strong folding legs make for an easy set up and breakdown, allowing you to maximise your fishing time, rather than spend several minutes more than you’d like to getting your kit sorted.
The cradle comes in a zipped carry bag, meaning it won’t get the back of your vehicle wet, or carry over any fishy smell, on your way home – perfect if, like most of us, you don’t have the luxury of a dedicated fishing vehicle, and sometimes have to give lifts to family and friends who aren’t quite convinced that Eau de Carp is the next big thing in the personal fragrance world.
Measuring 100cm (L) x 65cm (W), this is a good sized cradle for almost any carp or predator species, whilst it is light enough, at 3.5kg, not to make too much of an impact on your barrow load.
The issue of keeping fish out of the water for photographs, weighing in, etc is a contentious one even among anglers, and a reason for many people finding angling distasteful. However, with fish care equipment from the dedicated, knowledgeable enthusiasts behind the Advanta brand, you can ensure that the fish you catch are exposed to the least amount of stress possible while they’re out of the water.  Obviously, you want to prioritise a quick return, but 10 minutes while you get that perfect album shot, and record an accurate weight, shouldn’t be too much for a healthy fish, if you are careful and considerate, and apply common sense when handling the fish.
With a focus on excellence in angling, Advanta is rapidly building a presence in the angling world, and is committed to ensuring that their name remains associated with quality, responsible fish care, ethical angling, and unrivalled angling experience across the disciplines going forward.  Advanta began its life as a dedicated carp fishing brand, and has built a respect for the intelligence of these stunning fish into every product they create. Bring the Advanta advantage to your angling today, whatever your discipline or level of experience.


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