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Daiwa Infinity Weigh Pod
2413.00 р.
Designed to support the Infinity weigh sling. Foldable elasticated legs for ultra quick a..
Весы Daiwa Mission Dial Scale
1400.00 р.
Model       Description           &nb..
Воблер Daiwa Shore Line Shiner
1440.00 р.
SLS12F-LCR - Laser Chart Rainbow, 12.8g, 120mm, 15cm to 60cm; SLS12F-AZ - Anchovy Z, 12.8g, 1..
Застежка Daiwa Tournament SW-Snap
265.00 р.
Daiwa Tournament SW-Snap – очень мощная и надежная застежка, рассчитанная на серьезные нагрузки. ..
Застежка Daiwa Tournament Wire Leader
235.00 р.
These steel wire traces feature flexible 1 x 19 steel. Furnished with a swivel and D-Snap link. E..
Зонт Daiwa Mission Brolly
4229.00 р.
Using extra durable PU coated nylon with taped seams, this 50\" brolly is perfect for the coarse ..
Зонт Daiwa Tournament Shield
5169.00 р.
With zips at the left and right hand panels pole users can ship through the canopy at their prefe..
Карповые рогатки Team Daiwa Catapult
235.00 р.
This range of conventional catties serve all styles of loose feeding from the canal with pinkies ..
Карповый мат Daiwa Black Widow Unhooking Mat
988.00 р.
Daiwa Black Widow Unhooking Mat, this mat is made fom PU covered flat foam, it is large enough fo..
Катушка Daiwa 1657DM Reel
7740.00 р.
Ratio 5.4:1, Ozs 12.0, B/B 2, Line Capacity 100m-2lbs ..
Катушка Daiwa Basia 45 SLD QD Reel
31900.00 р.
The best has just got better! The Basia SLD features a host of improvements over the already capa..
Катушка Daiwa Basiair Z45QD
56258.00 р.
BASIAIR Z45QD   When introduced the Basiair set a new standard in big pit reel desig..
Катушка Daiwa Cast'izm BR 25A Reel
13400.00 р.
На европейской рыболовной выставке EFTTEX 2015 компания Daiwa представила новую безынерционную ка..
Катушка Daiwa Castizm 25QDA
17916.00 р.
The concept of the ‘big pit’ reel is a Daiwa speciality. It is our area of expertise. Yet we ..
Катушка Daiwa Crosscast QD Carp Reel
4600.00 р.
35mm Long Cast Spool QD Quick Drag Machine Cut Aluminium Handle T-Shape Soft Touch Ha..
Катушка Daiwa Emblem 25 QD Reel
12899.00 р.
Giving you a unique, long spool reel with a lightweight, compact body, the Daiwa Emblem is an ide..
Катушка Daiwa Emblem BR25A Reel
7812.00 р.
After the success of the compact Cast’izm BR, Daiwa decided to redesign the brand’s fam..
Катушка Daiwa Emblem X 5000T Black Edition
6666.00 р.
We have taken the tried and trusted Emblem X 5000T and given it a black makeover. Using the s..
Катушка Daiwa Emcast Spod
5000.00 р.
The Daiwa Emcast Spod ‘n’ Mark reel has been built to the same exacting specifications as the muc..
Катушка Daiwa Infinity-X BR
22145.00 р.
INFINITY-X BR, это молодая, но уже проверенная классика. Они являются первыми катушками подобного..
Катушка Daiwa Team Daiwa TDR Reel
11333.00 р.
TDR2508A - Ratio 4.8:1, Ozs 10.6, B/b 5, Line capacity150m-8lb; TDR3012A - Ratio 4.9:1, Ozs 1..
Катушка Daiwa Tourament ISO 50000 LD QDA
28599.00 р.
The NEW Tournament ISO is a high performance big pit reel, beautifully  nished in silk midni..
Катушка Daiwa Tournament 5000 QDA
26600.00 р.
This latest body shape of big pit reel, combined with all black looks is a dedicated design for t..
Катушка Daiwa Tournament Basia 45QDX
29800.00 р.
Катушка Daiwa Tournament Black Basia 45 QDX - высококлассная элитная катушка заслуженно является ..
Катушка Daiwa Tournament Basia QD
26200.00 р.
Безинерционная катушка Daiwa Tournament Basia Carp QD 45A - это VIP-катушка, которая украсит арсе..
Катушка Daiwa Tournament S (Series Black)
16700.00 р.
An absolute classic; now in black.  The Tournament 5000ST reel is regarded as an ultra ..
Катушка Daiwa Tournament SS1600 Whisker Reel
7166.00 р.
From surface cruising double figure carp to barbel in rushing streams the SS1600 makes the pleasu..
Катушка Daiwa Tournament SS2600 Whisker Reel
7500.00 р.
Daiwa Tournament SS2600 Whisker – классическая катушка для ходовой ловли карпа или усача, в ..
Катушка Daiwa Tournament ST Reel
16850.00 р.
TS5000T - Ratio 4.2:1, Ozs 20.3, B/B 7, Line Capacity 330m-14lbs; TS6000T - Ratio 3.1:1, Ozs ..
Катушка Daiwa Windcast 5000 QDA
6100.00 р.
When originally launched the Windcast name set a new standard in big pit performance. This QDA mo..
Катушка Daiwa Windcast 5500 QDA
6800.00 р.
When originally launched the Windcast name set a new standard in big pit performance. This QDA mo..
Катушка Daiwa Windcast QDA Spod and Marker Reel
6100.00 р.
The Windcast family is rounded of nicely with a classy Spod n Mark version featuring a 5.5:1 rati..
Катушка Карповая Daiwa Emblem SPOD
9108.00 р.
Шпуля большого диаметра серии Emblem была спроектирована для максимального заброса и превосходной..
Коробка Daiwa Specialist Accessory Box
265.00 р.
Three multi compartment accessory boxes for the specialist and pleasure angler. The larger design..
Коробка для снастей Daiwa Multi Case
824.00 р.
These high quality Multi Cases offer complete versatility for storage of lure and accessories. Ea..
Кресло Daiwa Black Widow Carp Chair
2883.00 р.
Designed around a steel frame, featuring a cushioned seat and backrest plus extendable legs with ..
Кресло Daiwa Infinity Adjustable Aluminium Chair
6469.00 р.
Offering super comfort and practical size the adjustable aluminium chair is remarkably light at a..
Кресло Daiwa Infinity Specialist Chair
6986.00 р.
Multi terrain is also easily handled thanks to the four camlock telescopic legs with mud feet. Th..
Кресло Daiwa Mission Bedchair Backrest
2334.00 р.
Bed chair backrest Excellent support for your back Ensures maximum comfort ..
Кресло Daiwa Mission Carp Chair
3368.00 р.
Made with a matt dark green aluminium frame, adjustable legs and mud feet. Incredibly comfort..
Кресло Daiwa Mission Low Chair
3461.00 р.
This is the ultimate seating option for the mobile angler looking to sit low, in comfort, and kee..
Крючки Daiwa Gamakatsu Humpback Hook
374.00 р.
The curved shank is designed to make this hook turn quicker towards the lower lip and to set the ..
Крючки Daiwa Gamakatsu Snagger Hook
374.00 р.
The downwards bent of the ring eye and the special hook shape make that the Snagger turns very qu..
Крючки Daiwa Gamakatsu Specialist R Hook
374.00 р.
The slightly bent ring eye combined with an ultra-thin and razor-sharp hook point creates the per..
Крючки Daiwa Gamakatsu Specialist RX Hooks
374.00 р.
Offers more body than the Specialist ‘R and above all, created by the slightly curved ring-eye an..
Крючки Daiwa Gamakatsu Wide Gape Super Hook
374.00 р.
The up-turned ring eye ensures that, no matter the stiffness, the line always starts from the hoo..
Крючок Daiwa Gamakatsu Range Swimmer T
501.00 р.
The ultimate jig head. Tinned plating for saltwater or freshwater predator fishing, the Range Swi..
Крючок Daiwa Gamakatsu Worm Hooks34
171.00 р.
The offset-shank provides a perfect lure presentation and delivers secure lure location during po..
Крючок Gamakatsu Weighted EWG Superline Spring Lock Hooks
501.00 р.
Based on the proven Gamakatsu EWG hook but designed with a 28-degree turned eye with a stainless ..
Леска Daiwa Infinity Duo Monofil
1723.00 р.
Infinity Duo is our most advanced big fish monofil and offers a very unique feature. A distin..
Леска Daiwa Infinity Floor It Brown
2585.00 р.
Sharing the same light diffraction value as water this line has incredibly low visibility when su..
Леска Daiwa Infinity Floor It Clear
2585.00 р.
Sharing the same light diffraction value as water this line has incredibly low visibility when su..
Леска Daiwa Sensor 300m
374.00 р.
This is without doubt the number one monofil in the UK.It has scooped multiple awards, landed two..
Леска Daiwa Sensor Bulk Monofil
781.00 р.
EBM040 - B/S 4lbs/1.8kg, Diameter 0.20mm, Spool Capacity 3090m; EBM060 - B/S 6lbs/2.7kg, Diam..
Леска Daiwa Sensor Clear 300m
374.00 р.
Manufactured to the same strict quality standards as its famous counterpart, Sensor Clear monofil..
Леска Daiwa Sensor Clear Monofil
392.00 р.
CSM080 - B/S 8lbs/3.6kg, Diameter 0.260mm, Spool Capacity 1855m; CSM100 - B/S 10lbs/ 4.5kg, D..
Леска Daiwa Tournament Carp Leader
860.00 р.
Tournament tapered carp leaders are designed specifically for log distance casting carp anglers. ..
Леска Daiwa Tournament St Monofil
1299.00 р.
ST is now recognised by many top anglers as the most durable and abrasion resistant line out ther..
Леска плетеная Daiwa Tournament 8 Accudepth Braid 300m
3884.00 р.
The low viz green is excellent for general use, be it lure work or long distance carping. The col..
Леска плетеная Daiwa Tournament 8 Braid Green
3884.00 р.
Производится из материала ULTRA DYNEEMA (на 15-20% прочнее обычного материала Dyneema); Макси..
Леска плетеная Daiwa Tournament 8 Braid High Viz Green
3023.00 р.
Also available is a high viz green, excellent for identifying direction and line location. Suppli..
Магнитный карабин Daiwa Magnetic Net Holder
1206.00 р.
Применяется для крепления подсака за спиной при ходовой рыбалке. Магнитное усилие регулируется. ..
Мат для взвешивания карпа Daiwa Infinity Unhooking Mat
3445.00 р.
  Supplied with padded knee cushion Polystyrene bean filling for improved fish..
Мешок Daiwa Mission Carp Sack
860.00 р.
         Extra size carp sack. Extremely soft mesh Perfect..
Набор Daiwa Infinity Tent Pegs & Mallet
1723.00 р.
Комплектация: Колышки 10 шт, Резиновый молоток 1 шт. Чехол для хранения 1 шт ..
Набор грузиков Daiwa Soft Super Shot
719.00 р.
Developed by Dinsmores this collection of non toxic split shot is remarkably soft. Requiring ..
Навес Daiwa Infinity Overnighter
8616.00 р.
The Infinity Overnighter is quite simply the best we have ever designed. The waterproof canopy is..
Навес Daiwa Mission Overnighter
5779.00 р.
Two storm rods are supplied for fitting to the front of the canopy as shown. Second storm caps ar..
Накидка Daiwa Mission Overwrap
3884.00 р.
5’6” when folded, 2.3m wide and 1.5m tall when erect. ..
Напальчник Daiwa Neoprene Finger Stall
493.00 р.
The neoprene finger stall is designed for finger protection during powerful casting. It is highly..
Палатка Daiwa Infinity Ground Hugger Bivvy
13043.00 р.
Using 210D fabric with 2000mm PU coating and sealed seams you will be secure from the elements. T..
Поводочница Daiwa Infinity Deluxe Rig & Tackle Wallet
1471.00 р.
Поводочница Daiwa Infinity Deluxe Rig and Tackle Wallet  Комплектация: Сумка, 3 поводочниц..
Подсак Daiwa All Round Landing Nets
1318.00 р.
The All Round net heads feature a rigid fixed frame with free flowing high gauge Aqua Dry mesh. ..
Подсак Daiwa AquaDry Boat Net
2067.00 р.
The Daiwa Aqua Dry boat features two fabulous innovations. The water repellent mesh ensures that ..
Подсак Daiwa Rubber Landing Net
1299.00 р.
This highly popular rubberised mesh feature resists contact with hooks and is near non absorbent...
Подсак Daiwa Team Daiwa Boat Net
2585.00 р.
The handle is located into place thanks to a spring loaded button and when pressed down will allo..
Подсак Daiwa Tip N Tilt Landing Net
1299.00 р.
Designed with a new multi tilt locking mechanism so that the net head can be at whatever angle is..
Подсак Team Daiwa Aquadry Landing Net
1128.00 р.
DTDADLN1 - Team Daiwa Aquadry 35cm; DTDADLN2 - Team Daiwa Aquadry 40cm; DTDADLN3 - Team D..
Подсак Team Daiwa Pellet Landing Net
1128.00 р.
These new landing nets from Daiwa are designed with a fine mesh to resist the catching of pellet ..
Подсачек Daiwa Mission Carp Landing Net
3445.00 р.
Daiwa Mission Carp Landing Nets, Featuring a compact, machined, steel spreader block, these ..
Подставка для удилищ Daiwa Infinity Rod Pod
9446.00 р.
Designed completely from high grade stainless steel the Infinity rod pod is a top class piece of ..
Подставка под удилища Daiwa Infinity Versa Rod Pod
6893.00 р.
Easy to use throughout the application of the two long legs allows the pod to be used in a high r..
Подушка Daiwa Infinity Uni Bedchair Cushion
4308.00 р.
Upgrade your comfort on any bed chair with this deluxe cushion. Featuring deep foam, soft touch c..
Полотенце Daiwa Handy Towel
493.00 р.
This Daiwa Handy Towel is the ideal size to keep in your tackle bag. It is perfect to d..
Раскладушка Daiwa Black Widow Six Leg Bedchair
6593.00 р.
Designed around a steel frame, featuring a cushioned seat and backrest plus extendable legs with ..
Раскладушка Daiwa Infinity Big Bedchair
15088.00 р.
Over 200cm long and 90cm wide this 8 leg bedchair is simply superb. Features a neoprene pillow, b..
Раскладушка Daiwa Infinity Big Bedchair
9917.00 р.
Extra wide at 90cm the Big Bedchair is an excellent long stay option. The six leg design features..
Раскладушка Daiwa Infinity Plateau Bedchair
16216.00 р.
The Infinity Plateau Bedchair is a comfort luxury that any carper should consider, especially on ..
Раскладушка Daiwa Infinity Sleepeezy Bedchair
10778.00 р.
The Sleepeezy features a 5cm deep padded mattress that is Velcro secured into a recess and a neop..