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Весы Advanta 25kg Digital Scales

  • Производитель: Advanta
  • Модель: AD139
  • Наличие: Под заказ
1999.00 р.
Цена без учета доставки
Easy to use, push button operation
Auto off function
Weighs accurately up to 25kgs
Suitable for most species
Clear LCD digital readout
Kg or Lbs and ounces switch option
Ergonomic handle design for a comfortable grip
2x AAA battery (not supplied)
Advanta is the flagship brand of Angling Direct, the UK's most successful fishing tackle retailer, with a growing network of shops, all staffed by anglers who have the passion and practical experience to give you the advice you need to make the best choice, and get the most out of the tackle, bait, and accessories you buy. Everyone involved with the Advanta brand, and the overwhelming majority of  Angling Direct employees, from design and marketing teams to customer service staff, is involved with angling on a personal level, and so has invested passion, personal experience, and direct knowledge into the area of the Advanta journey that they have responsibility for, giving you a brand that is designed by carp anglers, predator anglers, specimen stalkers, and sea fishing enthusiasts, for anglers of all disciplines.
Ideal for the entry-level angler, the Advanta brand is committed to bringing durable, easy to use tackle, equipment, and accessories that is affordable and attractive, ensuring you can look good on the bank, as well as performing well in the swim.  Whether you're looking for carp or predator rods, bankside scales, fishing luggage or more, buy from Angling Direct, and give your angling the Advanta advantage, bringing both style and substance to your fishing performance, and ensuring that your first taste of angling, whether for carp, perch, or barbel, definitely won't be your last. Advanta is a brand that equips you for active participation in a fun, engaging, and thoroughly social sport, and helps you acquire knowledge, of fish, and their habits and habitats, that will last you a lifetime.
Presented in Advanta's classic, striking black, these digital bankside scales can weigh up to 25kg/55lb, ensuring you can easily and accurately weigh in even the largest carp you're likely draw out of UK waters, as well as most other species. Small enough to be packed in a side pocket of your rucksack or carryall, yet durable enough to handle any bankside or weather conditions. Featuring an easy, push button operation, and auto-off function, these scales are effortless to use, even in freezing cold or pouring rain, while the ergonomic handle gives a comfortable, secure grip. The clear LCD readout can be selected to show weight in Kgs or Llbs,with a 'Simply Switch' easy change option, making these digital scales suitable for both UK and international angling and banksides.  The Advanta 25kg Scales require  2 x AAA batteries (not supplied), so you'll never be struggling to find the right batteries for your scales, or having to spend a small fortune on replacements. The stainless steel weighing hook is designed to provide safe, effective hold for weigh sling handles, which allow you to weigh your fish whilst ensuring it remains fully cradled and protected, and is not stripped of the natural slime that protects the fish from damage and infection.
Whatever your angling discipline, getting an accurate weight for the fish you've caught is important; whether you're match fishing, and hoping that your final retrieve of the session takes you into match-winning territory, or carp or specimen angling, and want to know whether you've beaten your personal best.  Even if you're simply a casual angler who only cares about the challenge of pursuit and capture, getting an accurate weight of the fish you catch helps you track the health of different swims, and can mean that you pick up on potential problems with a fish community early, meaning that interventions can be arranged that could save the majority of fish in a particular body of water.
Advanta is a brand that's as passionate about  fish care and best practice as it is about the sport and enjoyment of angling, so, when you purchase the Advanta advantage for your angling, you can also be rest assured that you're buying responsible, sustainable angling, and contributing to the sustainability of fish stocks, and lasting enjoyment of angling for generations to come.


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