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Бейсбольная кепка KORUM PEAKED CAP
566.00 р.
A simple lightweight peaked cap with 3D Korum logo on the front. The long peak is great for cutti..
Весы Korum Scales
1955.00 р.
Ergonomically designed, soft touch case with backlit digital display. Stainless steel weigh hook ..
Держатель для удилища Korum Butt Rest
202.00 р.
Now available separately for use with multi rod set-ups or for use with banksticks. Complete with..
Держатель для удилища Korum Y Rest
269.00 р.
A wider and deeper version of our popular V rest for easier rod location in low light conditions...
Дозатор Korum Bait Punches
337.00 р.
The Korum Bait Punch is designed to punch out hookbait sized pellets from both luncheon meat and ..
Игла для наживок Korum Baiting Needle
101.00 р.
Designed for soft baits like meat, corn, paste and pellets. The ultra thin needle reduces bait da..
101.00 р.
An imitation bait that can be used in a number of ways to fool fish that are difficult to catch. ..
Карповый мат Korum Multi Mat
2066.00 р.
  This mat is a combined unhooking mat, weigh sling and carry bag. Ideal for the m..
Карповый мат Korum Roll-A-Mat
1133.00 р.
ROLL-A-MATS These roll-up unhooking mats are compatible with a number of items of Korum..
Карповый поводковый материал Korum Xpert Power Mono
53.00 р.
Поводковый моно материал для карповых монтажей. - Быстро тонущий - Обладает высокой износос..
Леска Korum Snapper Dropshot Fluorocarbon
466.00 р.
Rigorously tested reel line that is designed to cope with everything you throw at it. It beds in ..
Лидкор камуфлирующий для карповой остнастки Korum Carp Leader
233.00 р.
Лидкоры длинной 60см, обладают хорошими камуфляжными свойствами, мощными разрывными качествами. ..
Маркерный контроллер Korum Klear Controllers
202.00 р.
The new Korum Klear Controllers are a subtle non-flash translucent green colour to prevent spooki..
Набор инструментов Korum Baiting Tool
202.00 р.
Six essential tools that will cover all of your baiting and rig tying needs. Made using high stee..
Набор сигнализаторов Korum KBI Bite Alarm Set
2466.00 р.
KORUM KBI BITE ALARM SET This handy set contains three KBI alarms. The KBI alarms are compact..
Набор сигнализаторов Korum KBI-R Bite Alarm and Receiver Set
3533.00 р.
This alarm presentation set contains three alarms and a wireless bite alarm receiver. The KBI ala..
Ножницы Korum Braid Scissors
337.00 р.
These razor sharp Korum Braid Scissors have been designed for cutting braid and mono line cleanly..
Опора для взвешивания Korum Weigh Bar
538.00 р.
The Korum Weigh Bar offers a simple yet super strong support for weighing your catch. The lightwe..
Подставка для фидера Korum Tilt Rest
269.00 р.
Our exclusive tilt mechanism make this the perfect rest to use with the Korum feeder arms. The de..
Подставка под удилища Korum Angle Adjust Barbel Rest
337.00 р.
Super compact rod rest with snag bar style design. Angle adjustment to provide maximum versatilit..
Подставка под удилища Korum Barbel Rest
236.00 р.
Super compact rod rest with snag bar style design. Overmoulded section to provide a softer rest a..
Подставка под удилище Korum Butt Cup
202.00 р.
Ideal for fishing with rods held high to keep line off the water. ..
Подставка под удилище Korum Line Flow Rest
168.00 р.
Steep-sided to hold rods against the wind, with a deep line groove so free spool mechanisms can s..
Подставка под удилище Korum Pole Crook
1011.00 р.
Designed to offer hands-free pole fishing on all Korum Accessory chairs. Simply balance the butt ..
Подставка под фидер Korum Angletilt Windbeater Rest
269.00 р.
Featuring a narrow rod groove to stop the rod being blown out, combined with a deep line groove t..
Ракета Korum Boilie Rocket
538.00 р.
A completely new concept in bait delivery! The Boilie rocket’s clever design allows the angler to..
Рогатка Korum No Twist Catapult Large
166.00 р.
The catapult that never tangles! Utilising our unique PTFE bush system, it means your catapult el..
Рогатка Korum No Twist Catapult Medium
199.00 р.
The catapult that never tangles! Utilising our unique PTFE bush system, it means your catapult el..
Рюкзак Korum Waist Pack
1822.00 р.
Multi-purpose fishing lure bag, can be used as waist pack, shoulder sling or handbag. Numerous po..
3644.00 р.
These super tough, neoprene lined rubber wellington boots are a stylish and practical option for ..
Сетка ПВА Korum PVA Mesh With Bait Cutter
539.00 р.
This innovative PVA funnel means you can cut baits up using the tube itself. Built-in b..
Сигнализатор Korum Bite Alarm
999.00 р.
The KBI alarm is compact, rugged and reliable. Featuring a sensitive roller wheel and a bright LE..
Сигнализатор Korum Bite Alarm
1347.00 р.
This pack provides all you need to fish a static rod. The alarm itself benefits from a whole host..
Сигнализатор Korum KBI Bite Alarm
1686.00 р.
Korum's first alarm features a compact design, yet still offers the ultimate in rugged performanc..
Сигнализатор поклевки Korum Bite Indicator KIT
538.00 р.
This Bite Indicator Kit is ideal for increasing your bite indication when fishing for a whole hos..
Сигнализатор поклевки Korum Bite Indicators
403.00 р.
The Bite Indicator is ideal for increasing bite indication when fishing for a multitude of specie..
Сигнализатор поклевки Korum Swindicator
472.00 р.
This Swindicator Bite Indicator Kit is ideal for increasing your bite indication when fishing for..
Сумка для взвешивания Korum ROVING WEIGH SLING
799.00 р.
The Korum Roving Weigh Sling is the ultimate lightweight weigh sling. Ideal for the mobile angler..
Сумка для взвешивания Korum Weigh Sling
999.00 р.
A design classic, the Korum sling holds fish centrally, giving full support whatever the size..
Трипод Korum River Tripod
3780.00 р.
The ultimate River Tripod! This super stable bit of kit is made using anti-twist extrusions that ..
Шайба Korum Locking Nut
87.00 р.
The simple solution to tightening rod rests and buzzer bars in the correct position. ..
Шнур лидкор для карпового монтажа Korum Speci Leader
166.00 р.
These 60cm lead-free leaders are strong, supple and provide excellent, fast sinking camouflage. A..