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Карповая рогатка Preston Innovations MATCH PULT

  • Производитель: Preston innovations
  • Модель: PCAT/07,PCAT/08
  • Наличие: Под заказ
539.00 р.
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The Match Pult has been purposely designed for natural baits like maggots, casters as well as meat or corn. It's the perfect tool for the angler who wants reliability, durability and accuracy from their catapult. 
The Match Pult groups bait in a much tighter area due to the Semi Rigid Mesh pouch, which gives you pin-point accuracy for all baits and tactics. 
The Match Pult features a dual PTFE Anti-Twist technology making it virtually impossible for the elastic to tangle. Increasing your efficiency and performance during a match or pleasure session. 
It's available in two sizes, small and large which covers all feeding requirements and tactics you're likely to use. 
The Amber-Core Durable Hollow elastic is incredibly long-lasting and gives you the upmost confidence and reliability in your catapult.

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