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Комплект Advanta Endurance Bedchair & Sleeping Bag Combo

  • Производитель: Advanta
  • Модель: ABSBD
  • Наличие: Под заказ
9332.00 р.
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Two best sellers from the Advanta range
Combined in one great package
Everything you need for a comfortable nights sleep
Features the...
Advanta Endurance 6 Leg Session Bedchair
Advanta Sleepcell 4 Season Sleeping Bag
Offers superb value for money!
Product 1 *
1 x Advanta Endurance 6 Leg Session Bedchair
Product 2 *
1 x Advanta Sleepcell 4 Season Sleeping Bag
Having a good night’s sleep on the bank can make the world of difference to your angling success – after all, the angler who is alert and well rested is always going to perform to a higher standard than the angler struggling to keep their eyes open. This is why the team at Advanta has ensured that they worked hard to create a high performance sleeping bag and bedchair combination which would virtually guarantee you a brilliant night’s sleep on the bank – no matter the conditions. This Advanta Endurance Bedchair and Sleeping Bag Combo is the perfect night time combination pack for the angler who wants to spend nights on the bank year-round and it will ensure that you will awake well-rested and ache free – ready to take on the bank.
As the name suggests, the Advanta Endurance Bedchair and Sleeping Bag Combo comes with a top quality Endurance Sixe Leg Session Bedchair. This bedchair comes fitted with a high quality fleece covered mattress. Not only is this exceptionally comfortable but it is also ultra-warm. Fleece is super insulating and it is a popular material among outdoor sports manufacturers due to its heat retaining qualities. This ensures that this bedchair is perfect for use in the coldest months, when you want to enjoy a toasty night on the bank rather than a night spent shivering and struggling to sleep. This bedchair is manufactured from a lightweight and durable frame. This ensures that you’re able to easily and comfortably transport this bedchair to and from the bank – whether you’re headed for a quick overnighter or a longer carp fishing session.
All six of the legs on this bedchair are independently adjustable. This ensures that you’re able to get a completely flat lay on the bank, no matter the terrain. These legs are locked into position via a positive push and lock mechanism, which has been designed to give you a totally stable base, and all of the legs are finished with swivelling mud feet. These spread the weight of the bedchair in order to prevent any sinking or slippage in damp and muddy conditions. This is a huge bedchair which, with dimensions of 213cm x 83.5cm and a weight bearing capacity of 200kg, can accommodate even the most robust angler.
This setup has been paired with the Advanta Sleepcell Four Season Sleeping Bag. This is a completely waterproof sleeping bag so, should you be suffering from condensation build up on the inside of your bivvy, you never need to worry about your sleeping bag soaking up the water. This material is also totally breathable. After all, there are few things worse than waking up clammy with sweat and this breathable material ensures that you’re kept dry and comfortable throughout the night. The inner lining of the sleeping bag is manufactured from a fleece material. This ensures that you’re kept totally warm throughout the night, even when the temperature drops, and this four season sleeping bag is perfect for use from early spring right through to late autumn. The heavy duty zips on the sleeping bag are designed to allow for easy access and exit and all are protected by thick baffles to prevent draught incursion. Bedchair fixings ensure that you never awake tangled in your sleeping bag, too, and they allow you to permanently store your bag on your chair. As a nice additional feature, this Sleepcell has been fitted with a zipped mobile phone pocket. This is also ideal storage for your bite alarm receiver and it ensures that you’ll never miss a take in the middle of the night.


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