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Кресло Advanta Discovery CCX DPM Relaxa Chair Lite

  • Производитель: Advanta
  • Модель: AD232
  • Наличие: Под заказ
4999.00 р.
Цена без учета доставки
Designed for both comfort and lightness
Whilst not compromising on strength
Lightweight and durable fold flat frame
Strong arm rests, covered in soft touch fabric
Fully adjustable leg system complete with locks
Swivel and fold flat mud feet
Thick foam padded mattress with pillow section
Super durable DPM cover providing a large seating area
Unrivalled quality and built to last
Dimensions: 33-46cm H x 50cm W x 46cm D
Weight: 5kg
The Advanta Discovery CCX Relaxa Lite chair is presented in stylish DPM (Disruptive Pattern Material), and is ideal for those anglers who want a bit of extra space and comfort, but don’t want to have to carry additional bulk, giving you a lightweight yet durable piece of fishing furniture, with a fold flat frame that gives you an effortless profile for transporting on a barrow, and packing it in the car at the end of the day.
Strong arm rests, covered with soft touch fabric, give you a touch of durable luxury.  The seat itself is easy to adjust, and an integral locking mechanism ensures that, once you’re settled in position, you know the chair will hold up, however active you are during your session.  The long leg system is also fully adjustable and locking, giving you the flexibility to adapt to any bank terrain while ensuring you have a completely stable base, with swivel fold flat mud feet that can match any bankside surface, including slick, muddy banks.
A thick, padded foam mattress and integral pillow section gives you deep, personal comfort, creating a fishing chair that means you’ll never want to leave the bank.
What Discipline Is It For?
Ideal for coarse fishing, this comfortable chair is also durable enough for short stay carp sessions.
Why Should I Buy It?
Coarse fishing is a discipline of patience. If you’re down at the water’s edge for several hours, you want to ensure that you’re comfortable, and this fishing chair works towards that end.
What’s The Best Thing About It?
The comfort of this Advanta fishing chair gives an unrivalled level of comfort through any length of session.


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