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Комплект Advanta Dad and Lad Overnight Deluxe Combo

  • Производитель: Advanta
  • Модель: ADDLODC
  • Наличие: Под заказ
60660.00 р.
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Product 1 *
1 x Advanta Protector 2 Man Bivvy
Product 2 *
1 x Advanta Protector 2 Man Bivvy Wrap
Product 3 *
2 x Advanta Endurance 6 Leg Memory Foam Bedchair
Product 4 *
2 x Advanta Discovery CX Pillow
Product 5 *
2 x Advanta Sleepcell 5 Season Sleeping Bag
Product 6 *
1 x Advanta Discovery CX Bivvy Table
Product 7 *
1 x Advanta Bivvy Mat
There really is nothing better than introducing your children to your own passion and, besides, it is only by getting the next generation of anglers enthused that the sport is going to continue to grow and develop. Your own exposure to angling was probably down to an older relative, whether that is a parent, grandparent, or another member of your extended family, so why not continue the trend and pass the baton down to your own children or grandchildren. Introducing the next generation of anglers to the sport is something that the Advanta team believe in whole-heartedly and the brand is committed to ensuring that the tools needed for fishing across the disciplines are available to anglers of all ages and budgets. This is why they have created this Advanta Dad and Lad Overnight Deluxe Combo. Featuring a whole range of top end Advanta products, this collection not only ensures that you’ll be able to spend your time on the bank in blissful comfort but it also offers a huge 10% saving (as compared to buying the products individually)!
This collection comes with everything you need to have a comfortable night on the bank. First things first, you’ll see the fantastic Advanta Protector Two Man Bivvy, as well as the Advanta Protector Two Man Bivvy Wrap. This is a highly versatile shelter system which is perfect for the angler who likes to target both UK and continental waters with their child. The bivvy itself is manufactured from 6061 aluminium, which forms the rigid, five section frame. This ensures that this bivvy is both robust and low in weight, ensuring that the structure is stable and easy to transport. The front panel of the bivvy is completely detachable, which is ideal for those shorter day sessions when all you’re looking for is a little shelter from the elements. For the hot summer months, this front panel comes with two mosquito mesh infill options as well as a mosquito mesh front door. This ensures that you can enjoy ample airflow around the bivvy whilst also preventing any ingress from the kind of bankside nasties that you don’t want to receive a bite from!
Supplied with full inner-skirts and its own lightweight detachable groundsheet, this bivvy is perfect for the colder weather too. The bivvy is manufactured from 5,000 hydrostatic head 210D material, ensuring that it will keep you dry in even the most miserable weather conditions. When used in conjunction with the overwrap, you never have to worry about experiencing condensation build up on the inside of your shell, either. This is a complete, year-round system which is perfect for all weather conditions – come rain or shine you’ll be able to enjoy your time on the bank with this Advanta Protector Two Man Bivvy and Bivvy Wrap. The bivvy has dimensions of 150cm x 313cm x 277cm and the bivvy and wrap combined tip the scales at a mere 12kg.
The Dad and Lad Overnight Deluxe Combo comes supplied with two Advanta Endurance Six Leg Memory Foam Bedchairs, promising you and your child a comfortable night’s sleep at the water’s edge. With bedchairs this comfortable, the only thing waking you up in the night will be the scream from your bite alarms! You’ll easily be able to fit both of these bedchairs into your bivvy, whilst still enjoying ample space between the two for the storage of all your angling luggage, too; whether you’re on the bank for a quick overnighter or you’re spending the school holidays camped out at the water’s edge, this Dad and Lad Combo is the perfect setup for you.
As the name suggests, the Advanta Endurance Six Leg Memory Foam Bedchair is fitted with a memory foam mattress. This ensures that you’re perfectly supported throughout the night and long gone are the days of waking with back and neck pain – this bedchair will ensure that you can enjoy a blissful night’s sleep on the bank. The mattress has been fleece lined, too. Fleece is an ultra insulating material and it is famous for its heat trapping properties, making it an ideal addition to the Advanta Endurance Six Leg Memory Foam Bedchair – especially in the colder winter months. This bedchair is 213cm long and 79cm wide, with a load bearing capacity of 200kg! Whether you’re a robust angler who has spent a lifetime on the bank or a novice angler just getting started, this bedchair will ensure that your nights are spent in total comfort. These bedchairs tip the scales at 12.2kg each, ensuring that you can pop them onto your barrow with ease.
To top the Advanta Endurance Six Leg Memory Foam Bedchair, the Dad and Lad Overnight Deluxe Combo comes supplied with two Advanta Sleepcell Five Season Sleeping Bags. These sleeping bags combine a dual layer shell with a generous holofill insulation in order to provide you and your child with five seasons of warmth. These sleeping bags have been lined with fleece, too, for additional warmth and insulation, and they feature generous draught-excluder baffles along the zips to prevent any cold air ingress. The sleeping bag not only boasts an elasticated anti-twist head and foot fixing but it also has a fixing bedchair straps, too. These ensure that you can toss and turn as you like in this sleeping bag – it is going nowhere.
For your further comfort, this setup comes supplied with an Advanta Discovery CX Pillow. This pillow is dual sided, making it ideal for summer and winter angling alike. On one side you’ll find ultra-soft polyester – perfect for those warm summer months when you can do without a sleeping bag but you still want to enjoy the additional comfort that a pillow can afford you. The reverse of the pillow is lined with polar fleece – perfect for retaining heat in the coldest winter conditions. This cover is completely removable, too, for ease of clean.
Completing the Advanta Dad and Lad Overnight Deluxe Combo are the Advanta Discovery CX Bivvy Table and the Advanta Deluxe Bivvy Mat. These pretty much do exactly what they say on the tin and are the ideal bivvy accessories for a two person trip to the bank. The bivvy mat is the perfect solution for keeping unwanted dirt and grime off the groundsheet and out of the bivvy, making packing up at the end of a long session easier than ever. This is a multipurpose mat and it can also be placed underneath your rod and reels to prevent splash back onto your gear. The bivvy table is a perfect rig construction station and it can also be used for the storage of a number of small items of tackle.
With this impressive carp fishing combination, you and you child can spend hours on the bank in complete comfort – whether you’re giving them early days angling education or you’re both a little later in life and are looking to relieve your youth together. What’s more, this Dad and Lad Overnight Deluxe Combo qualifies for our Direct Credit interest finance, allowing you to spread the payment of this product in accordance with your own budget!


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