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Дополнительная накидка Advanta Discovery CX Low Rider Brolly

  • Производитель: Advanta
  • Модель: AD072
  • Наличие: Под заказ
6333.00 р.
Цена без учета доставки
Based on an original 60 inch brolly design
Stylish yet practical design
Improved stability and shelter
Supplied with two 26 inch storm poles
Lightweight groundsheet
Low Rider Brolly Weight: 5.5kg
Dimensions: 115cm (H) x 245cm (W) x 200cm (D)
Supplied with 8 heavy duty T pegs
Please Note: Extra pegging points available!

If you’re looking for a low-footprint, high-quality bankside brolly for a day’s fishing, then look no further than the Advanta Discovery Low Rider Brolly, a stylish yet practical design that blends a sleek, curved appearance with the functionality of an original 60” brolly design. Supplied with two 26” storm poles, eight heavy duty T pegs, and featuring an extended storm peak and reinforced ribbing, this is a brolly that is built for the very worst that the British weather has in its arsenal.  It is a brolly that is designed to survive a storm, and a brolly that is designed around the attitudes of experienced carp anglers, who don’t let anything, least of all a bit of weather, get between them and a chance to bring that elusive monster carp to the bank. The brolly also comes with a detachable lightweight groundsheet, ideal for keeping everything completely dry.

While this is a low-profile, lightweight, and compact brolly, the internal space It offers is impressive.  While you’re probably not going to be comfortable using this brolly for overnighters (buy abivvy for that), it’s more than capable of taking you, and all the equipment, tackle, and accessories you might need, from dawn to dusk on the roughest banks, meaning there’s no need to pack up and head for home in the middle of a lively session with lots of action.

Providing an unobtrusive way to remain sheltered from the elements, whether that’s lashing rain or sweltering sun, this brolly is ideal for those carp anglers who prefer their fishing to take up hours, rather than days, but would also be a good choice for the angler who regularly fishes over weekends or longer, and who doesn’t mind family popping down to the bank for a few hours – while you’re set up on the bank in your bivvy, visiting family can stay warm and dry, or safely shaded, under the protection of this easy to carry, easy to assemble brolly.  At just 5.5kg. you’ll hardly notice the weight – but you will notice the difference.

A young, forward-thinking brand from the UK’s leading angling retailer, Angling Direct, Advanta have never lost their core commitment to carp and carp anglers, even as they increase and improve their product range across all fishing disciplines. With angling part of the culture and DNA of both Angling Direct as a company, and Advanta as a brand, you can be assured of a warm welcome, sound advice, and top-quality products, whatever you decide to buy. And with a commitment to providing affordable quality, buying Advanta products won’t break the bank.

If you’re looking for a lightweight, low profile bankside shelter option, then this Low Rider Brolly from Advanta could be just what you need. With space for a fishing chair, plus all your tackle and equipment, this is the ultimate in carp fishing comfort, affordability, and practicality.


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