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Дополнительная накидка Aqua Products M3 Compact Wrap

  • Производитель: Aqua Products
  • Модель: 401201
  • Наличие: Под заказ
21427.00 р.
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Our New M3 Compact wrap features the same performance grade Aquatexx® that we use on the M3 compact. It boasts the same great configuration of mesh vents as the bivvy for when the temperatures rocket and has all the benefits of a twin skin shelter while maintaining the compact footprint.
The benefits of using this wrap are it reduces condensation in spring and autumn while in summer it darkens the living area hence keeping it cooler which can be further aided by opening the vents situated at the front and rear creating a through flow of fresh air.
• Aquatexx® material
• Small porch area 
• Rear vent 
• 3 front vents 
• Pegs supplied 
• Carry bag supplied
• Compatible with Carbon Compact Bivvies
• 4.1kg

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