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Дополнительная накидка Nash KNX PROFILE BROLLY

  • Производитель: Nash
  • Модель: T4348
  • Наличие: Под заказ
10395.00 р.
Цена без учета доставки
Using the space frame central hub and rib assembly for maximum internal room and offering the increased coverage of the extended mini storm sides made famous on the Hogs the KNX Profile is lightweight, offers complete visibility and sets up and packs down fast.
• Proven Nash Oval design with extended storm sides 
• Space saver internal rib assembly for increased usable room
• Full protection for a bedchair or generous space for up to two anglers for day sessions
• Lightweight frame and tape seamed nylon cover
• Twin Velcro rod retaining straps
• Supplied with swivel storm caps, 26 inch bivvy sticks and Nash T pegs
Approximate Dimensions:
275 (W) x 132 (H) x 135 (D)
Approximate Weight: 3.8kg

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