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Дополнительная накидка Total Fishing Gear TF GEAR HARDCORE BROLLY SYSTEM

  • Производитель: TFG
  • Модель: TFG-HC-BROLL
  • Наличие: Под заказ
10114.00 р.
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The TFGear Hardcore Brolly System has been created from the sturdiest long-life materials and decades of expert long haul carp fishing experience. 
This stubborn, all-weather refuge is staying put in the wildest winds of winter or any other time! Fashioned from heavyweight Oxford nylon correctly tensioned across 60” ribs and 4 adjustable heavy-duty storm poles, the TFGear Hardcore Brolly System with its rain guttered peaked front and durable groundsheet can be erected and securely pegged in no time. Essential features include a pair of ventilation panels to front and rear, a mosquito-mesh front and a removable clear front door, all of which can be screened by the solid windshield panel for ultimate warmth. In good weather the whole of the front can be zipped off to afford an airy, panoramic view. To give best possible headroom the interior rib-boss has been minimised but the TFGear Hardcore Brolly System’s best space enhancing feature is its flat back – perfect for bed positioning and for utilising space in tight swims. 
Flat back for tight swims and best possible bed positioning
Strong, durable and unshakable
Super-quick erection and occupation
All weather versatility
Heavy-duty groundsheet
Strong, top quality pegs
Double stitched seams
Width = 270cm
Depth = 210cm
Height = 145cm
10,000 Hydrostatic Head 

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