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Капсула Rod Hutchinson Cabrio 1 Man Capsule
6669.00 р.
The Cabrio ‘Capsule’ is a clip-in inner dome that can be purchased separately and fitted into our..
Накидка Trakker ARMO BIVVY WRAP(one-man)
14512.00 р.
Twin-skin your Armo Bivvy with this second skin. This will insulate your inner bivvy more efficie..
Накидка для палатки Greys Torsion Extreme Canopy
14101.00 р.
Эта накидка была разработана для многофункционального использования. Если использовать в полной к..
Палатка Advanta Discovery CCX DPM One Night Stand Bivvy  (1-местная)
15999.00 р.
NEW! Now available in DPM Camo! Footprint to rival any short stay brolly Soft touch reinf..
Палатка Advanta Discovery CCX DPM Two Night Stand Bivvy
21333.00 р.
Designed for two night sessions or longer Flat back and high sided design Provides maximi..
Палатка Advanta Discovery CX One Night Stand Bivvy (1-местная)
13333.00 р.
Footprint to rival any short stay brolly Soft touch reinforced polyester fabric Low profi..
Палатка Advanta Discovery CX Speed Plus Bivvy
5333.00 р.
Advanta quick-erect system Assembles in under 1 minute 100% waterproof Built-in groun..
Палатка Advanta Discovery CX Two Night Stand Bivvy
19999.00 р.
Flat back and high sided design Provides maximised internal space Three quarter sized sto..
Палатка Advanta Protector Extreme 1 Man Bivvy (1-местная)
8999.00 р.
1 Man Bivvy Large storm peak for full protection Zip-off front panel Front & rear..
Палатка Aqua Products Aqua Mk1
32966.00 р.
The new Mk1 Armo is the first of the Heritage collection from Aqua. This range has the best class..
Палатка Aqua Products Camo Atom (1-местная)
24724.00 р.
New for 2015 is the Atom® in our new DPM Camo fabric. With the same features as the original grou..
Палатка Aqua Products M3 Compact
38735.00 р.
The best things come in small packages well this is certainly true in the case of the M3 Compact...
Палатка Avid Carp Ascent Brolly System MK2 (1-местная)
20229.00 р.
After the success of our original Ascent shelter, we have tweaked the system, improved various as..
Палатка Avid Carp Base Camper Bivvy
15187.00 р.
This fantastic three-rib bivvy has a built-in peak system that enables you to be set up and fishi..
Палатка Avid Carp HQ Twin Skin Bivvy Mk2 1 Man (1-местная)
25649.00 р.
The most feature packed bivvy on the market just got better! The first ever bivvy to feature a bu..
Палатка Avid Carp Tardis RT Bivvy
16196.00 р.
TARDIS RT   The Tardis Road Trip Edition provides the perfect marriage between somet..
Палатка CHUB Cyfish 1 Man(1-местная)
21599.00 р.
Front peak and side wings for exceptional protection Unique Back Draft Ventilation System ..
Палатка CHUB Cyfish Dome 1 Man(1-местная)
26999.00 р.
10000mm Hydrostatic Head Removable inner mesh capsule with built-in groundsheet Unique Ba..
Палатка Chub RS Plus Max Bivvy
10788.00 р.
В 2014 Chub решили модифицировать успешную линейку палаток S-Plus, в результате чего появила..
Палатка Chub RS-Plus Bivvy
9373.00 р.
В 2014 Chub решили модифицировать успешную линейку палаток S-Plus, в результате чего появила..
Палатка Chub Vantage Bivvy 1-Man (1-местная)
23624.00 р.
With the Vantage™ bivvy, Chub offers the absolute best in innovative design. This high quality sh..
Палатка Chub VIZOR LITE BIVVY (1-местная)
22950.00 р.
The new Vizor Lite is a massive leap forward in bivvy design. In a market where the popularity of..
Палатка Daiwa Infinity Ground Hugger Bivvy
13043.00 р.
Using 210D fabric with 2000mm PU coating and sealed seams you will be secure from the elements. T..
Палатка Fox Easy Dome Maxi 1 Man
0.00 р.
The Fox Easy Dome is one of the all-time classic shelter designs and just when you thought it cou..
Палатка Fox EOS 1-MAN BIVVY
10667.00 р.
Designed to offer unrivalled value for money Perfect shelter for newcomers or an..
18667.00 р.
Available in both Khaki or unique Fox Camo pattern Hydrostatic head rating of 10,000mm ..
25333.00 р.
Available in both Khaki or unique Fox Camo pattern Hydrostatic head rating of 10,000mm ..
Палатка Fox Retreat  1 Man
29024.00 р.
• 20,000 hydrostatic head Ven-Tec Rip Stop material  • Rigid, lightweight aluminium pole..
Палатка Fox Royale Classic Bivvy
9666.00 р.
Two rib, pram-hood design Made from a hard wearing, breathable nylon fabric Rod straps on..
Палатка Fox Royale Euro Dome (1-местная)
17549.00 р.
• Based on same design as original award-winning Royale Classic One-Man  • Supplied with..
Палатка Fox Royale Euro Dome (2-местная)
28666.00 р.
FOX Royale Euro Dome 2-Man Bivvy - палатка двухместная с внутреннем коконом. Создана на основе ор..
Палатка Fox Royale XXL
26000.00 р.
С момента выпуска этой палатки в начале 2012 года, палатка Fox Royale стала одной из самых популя..
Палатка JRC Extreme TX Bivvy 1-Man
19574.00 р.
20000mm HH Hydra-Tex® material High performance 2 rib structure  Optimal foot-print ..
Палатка JRC Stealth Bloxx Bivvy
17530.00 р.
More time for fishing! That was the objective of our design team when creating the Stealth X-lite..
Палатка JRC Stealth Bloxx Compact Bivvy
15524.00 р.
2-way door system Large back vents for ultimate climate control Mozzy mesh in door and ve..
Палатка Nash Double Top Apex
30344.00 р.
Our new flagship Double Top Apex 1 rises to the peak of pram hood frame designs. Engineered b..
Палатка Nash Double Top Extreme 1 Man ( Mk 3 )
29267.00 р.
Палатка Double Top Extreme 1 Man MK-3 отличается от предыдущей ..
Палатка Nash Double Top Mk 4 One Man
27000.00 р.
Using the classic sealed inner capsule concept that has changed session comfort the world over, a..
Палатка Nash Double Top Professional (mk 3)
25909.00 р.
В сложенном состоянии в сумке: 125cm(L) x 26cm(W) ..
Палатка Nash Dwarf Bivvy
9440.00 р.
Even shorter than a packed down 9ft Dwarf rod, the Dwarf Bivvy is a space saving, lightweight fle..
8775.00 р.
The Scope Black Ops RDS - Rapid Deploy Shelter The ultimate in covert carp shelters the Scope..
Палатка Nash Titan Brolly 1 man AS (all season)
38408.00 р.
A natural progression following the huge popularity of the Titan Brolly Pro AS the Titan Brolly A..
Палатка Nash Titan Brolly AS (All Season)
28202.00 р.
В сложенном состоянии в сумке: 139cm(L) x 29cm(W) ..
Палатка Nash Titan Brolly Pro AS
31023.00 р.
The Titan Brolly Pro AS takes the flexibility of the renowned Titan Brolly All Season one step fu..
36000.00 р.
Made using the best materials available, these two bivvies are made to resist any weather conditi..
Палатка Prologic Cruzade Bivvy W/Overwrap
12000.00 р.
Made using an upgraded 190 D nylon fabric, the all new CRUZADE range features superb waterproofne..
Палатка Prologic ENS (Easy Night System) Bivvy One Man
8666.00 р.
The carp fishing market has seen quite a few different solutions for this ultra-essential shelter..
Палатка Prologic Firestarter Insta-Zebo
13333.00 р.
Ultimate protection for a long session, or during the warm summer days when the mosquitos are a c..
Палатка Prologic Frame-X Bivvy One Man
12000.00 р.
New frame concept, self-standing, easy to erect and space optimization at its top. The all new FR..
Палатка Rod Hutchinson Cabrio 1 Man Bivvy
26899.00 р.
Rod Hutchinson One Man Cabrio Carp Fishing Bivvy available to buy online from First4Fishing...
Палатка Total Fishing Gear TF GEAR DAVE LANE HARDCORE BIVVY (1-местная)
16791.00 р.
The Hardcore bivvy system has been specifically designed by Dave Lane to cover every angling need..
Палатка Total Fishing Gear TF GEAR FORCE 8 BIVVY (1-местная)
10114.00 р.
Supplied with carry bag Erect in under 20 seconds Totally waterproof Heavy duty mater..
Палатка Total Fishing Gear TF GEAR FORCE 8 SPEED LITE BIVVY (1-местная)
6742.00 р.
The TFGear Force 8 Speed Lite bivvy is simple to set up, quick to peg out, the Force 8 is designe..
Палатка Total Fishing Gear TF GEAR QUICK LOC BIVVY
6742.00 р.
Designed using a new 2 pole frame system this is probably the fastest pram hood bivvy to erect. ..
Палатка Trakker Armo Bivvy
23308.00 р.
Самая первая и самая надежная до сих пор, палатка Armo продолжает лидировать. Модель дополнена за..
Палатка Trakker Cayman Bivvy
11653.00 р.
Палатка имеет два ребра что бы максимизировать внутренее пространство, и для снижения веса. Задня..
Палатка Trakker Cayman Pro Bivvy (1-местная)
21599.00 р.
The two-rib system of the Cayman Bivvy gives great benefits demonstrated in a quicker erecting, m..
Палатка Trakker Cayman Pro Bivvy Wrap (1-местная)
15524.00 р.
Twin-skin your Cayman Pro with this second skin to insulate your inner bivvy more efficiently dur..
Палатка Trakker SLX V3 Bivvy 1 Man
21999.00 р.
Fully-enclosed, twin-skin inner capsule Stitched-in groundsheet and receiver pockets Zipp..
Палатка Trakker TEMPEST AIR V2
23624.00 р.
OVERVIEW The lighter, smaller, stripped-down, open-fronted version of the Tempest Bivvy Syste..
23287.00 р.
We’ve kept the same opening and closing principle associated with all Tempests. But instead of ma..
Палатка Trakker Tempest V2 Bivvy (1-местная)
45899.00 р.
A revolutionary patented block design enables the Tempest to be erected rapidly with the minimum ..
Палатка Trakker TEMPEST XL BIVVY (2-местная)
50624.00 р.
Based on the design of the Tempest Bivvy v2, the Tempest XL version is just that- a bigger brothe..
Палатка Trakker Trident AS Bivvy
29135.00 р.
Палатка Trident AS Bivvy рассчитана для всех сезонов. В ее основе лежит оригинальный дизайн палат..
Палатка Wichwood Solace HD Brolly System
13401.00 р.
Solace 50in HD Brolly System - Код:Q0464 Dimensions 2000mm (D) x 2500mm (H) x 1400mm (W) ..
Палатка зонтичного типа Chub Oval Brolly
5399.00 р.
5000mm Hydrostatic head cover Sprung steel frame Glass filled nylon centre boss Light..
Палатка+накидка Trakker SLXv2 Bivvy
16315.00 р.
Когда полупатели интересовались комплектом палатки и накидкой пригодных для всех сезонов, в компа..
Расширение для палатки Nash DOUBLE TOP PORCH CONVERSION
21999.00 р.
An amazing optional extension that transforms a Mk 4 Double Top into a session base camp that fea..