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Искусственная насадка Nash Critters

  • Производитель: Nash
  • Модель: T7800-T7805
  • Наличие: Под заказ
337.00 р.
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NEW Glow Beetle Critter
Appealing to a carp’s inquisitive nature, this critter glows in the dark, and with added reflective flashes can induce aggressive takes. Particularly effective at night and in overcast daylight conditions. Simply charge with a torch or flashgun.
NEW Corixa Critter
The Corixa Critter, commonly known as a Water Boatman, mimics one Europe’s most consistent and abundant natural food sources for carp. Fish of many species can regularly be found foraging amongst weedbeds for Corixa beetles.
NEW Tadpole Critter
Carp gorge themselves on the tadpole hatch every spring. To ‘match the hatch’ present a Tadpole Critter in the same area the carp are feeding on an abundance of this seasonal food source.
NEW Cased Caddis Critter
The larvae form of the Sedge Fly. Often unseen due to their camouflage but carp are regularly found actively searching them out on the lakebed, in the margins and amongst weedbeds.
NEW Black Snail Critter
Snails are a favourite and abundant food for carp and on waters with a high snail population it can be hard to catch on more traditional baits. The Black Snail Critter mimics a natural snail perfectly.
NEW Attractor Critters
The recognisable shape of snails, all black on the underside to silhouette, with hi-attract top flashes of yellow, orange or glow in the dark to grab the attention of nearby carp. The Glow Snail can be particularly effective at night or on overcast days.

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