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Искусственная насадка Nash Zig Bugs

  • Производитель: Nash
  • Модель: T7806-T7819
  • Наличие: Под заказ
403.00 р.
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Deadly zig hookbaits that imitate a carp’s natural food. Tied to Fang hooks, and available in micro barbed and barbless. Present Bugs on the surface, mid water, or on the bottom – lethal whatever the depth. Three per pack.
The Floater Hookbaits will be catching more carp this coming spring and summer than we dare guess - essential if you are fishing Slicker Floaters or Riser Pellet.
NEW Black Sedge
The adult form of the Cased Caddis. Carp will gorge on these as they emerge from their pupae cases into adults and when they return to skit across the surface to lay their eggs. Black Sedges are particularly active from May to August.
NEW Brown Sedge
The adult form of the Cased Caddis, keenly eaten by carp both as emerging adults and when returning to lay eggs. Particularly abundant from late summer onwards.
NEW Black Louse
The Water Louse is common in most European stillwaters and is a regular food source for carp all year. Slow moving and often found close to weed beds. The Black Louse Bug has deep emerald flashes on the underside for enhanced visual attraction.
NEW Corixa
The Corixa Bug, commonly known as a Water Boatman, mimics one of Europe’s most consistent and abundant natural food sources. Fish can regularly be found foraging amongst weed beds for Corixa beetles. The unique shape is easily recognizable and the added colour flash to the body appeals to their inquisitive nature.
NEW Blue Damsel
Abundant in European fresh water between May and September where they can be found in numbers on the surface or emerging from their sub-surface larvae state. The Blue Damsel Bug mimics an adult male with added vivid blue to increase visibility.
NEW Naturals
Three patterns of the most abundant large natural food items found by carp - a Stonefly, Mayfly and Green Damsel. All are abundant through the spring, summer and autumn. The ultimate in matching the hatch.
NEW Floaters
Floaters imitate your loose feed as closely as possible, whether feeding Riser Pellet, Slicker Floaters or Mixers there is a pattern that will induce confident takes. Fish them on overdepth Zigs, as floater hookbaits or as Zig hookbaits just below the surface. The Slicker Pellet and Dog Biscuit are classic examples of Nash attention to detail, being critically balanced making it easy for carp to suck them in – key when fishing for ultra clever surface feeders.

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