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Искусственные бойлы Nash CRAB AND KRILL BOILIES

  • Производитель: Nash
  • Модель: B3400,B3410,B3420,B3500,B3510,B3520,B3530,B3540,B3550,B3560
  • Наличие: В наличии
202.00 р.
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Deep red, and rich in fishmeal and milk derived ingredients Crab and Krill contains both natural and synthetic krill and crab extracts, plus lobster oil palatant for a rich fishy taste and smell. Boosted with soluble liquid food extracts rich in free aminos for attraction in all temperatures.
All Instant Action Boilies use exclusive ingredients from the food industry never before used in carp baits, resulting in superb taste, digestibility and most importantly aggressive attractor leak off in all temperatures.
The perfect choice for venues where carp respond to rich fishmeal and fish oil baits, and a great bait with pellets and pellet based Method mixes and groundbaits. The deep colour of Crab and Krill also makes it a brilliant option where bright baits have been hammered.
Available in 10, 15 and 20mm to suit any venue and any presentation Instant Action boilies also offer massive flexibility in bag sizes, from the brilliant 200 gram pouches that give enough baits for a few hours, a day session, or to add interest to PVA bags and Method mixes, through to bulk 2.5 and 5 kilo bags that allow heavy and steady baiting during longer sessions to generate an intense feeding response for multiple catches.
Instant Action 200 gram, 1 kg and 2.5 kg bags of boilies contain 3 free Airball pop-ups, making them great value as well as great fish catchers.
Name TCode
Crab and Krill 10mm 200 gram (3 free pop-ups) B3400
Crab and Krill 15mm 200 gram (3 free pop-ups) B3410
Crab and Krill 20mm 200 gram (3 free pop-ups) B3420
Crab and Krill 10mm 1 kg (3 free pop-ups) B3500
Crab and Krill 15mm 1 kg (3 free pop-ups) B3510
Crab and Krill 20mm 1 kg (3 free pop-ups) B3520
Crab and Krill 15mm 2.5 kg (3 free pop-ups) B3530
Crab and Krill 20mm 2.5 kg (3 free pop-ups) B3540
Crab and Krill 15mm 5 kg B3550
Crab and Krill 20mm 5 kg B3560


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