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Искусственные бойлы Nash TANGERINE DREAM BOILIES

  • Производитель: Nash
  • Модель: B3401,B3411,B3421,B3501,B3511,B3521,B3531,B3541,B3551,B3561
  • Наличие: В наличии
202.00 р.
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A stunning fruit blend that comes into its own when conditions are tough, bright orange Tangerine Dream blends infamous Nash Tangerine Oil that has been catching the biggest carp worldwide for over two decades with the unbeatable pulling power of tutti frutti. Rounded off with two sweeteners Tangerine Dream is a deadly colder water choice.
Tangerine Dream has proven a huge hit amongst the most time served carpers, and on some of the toughest venues. Tangerine Dream is one of those classic formulations - you know as soon as you smell it that it’s a winner.
Available in 10, 15 and 20mm to suit any venue and any presentation Instant Action boilies also offer massive flexibility in bag sizes, from the brilliant 200 gram pouches that give enough baits for a few hours, a day session, or to add interest to PVA bags and Method mixes, through to bulk 2.5 and 5 kilo bags that allow heavy and steady baiting during longer sessions to generate an intense feeding response for multiple catches. All 200 gram, 1 kilo and 2.5 kilo bags of Instant Action Boilies contain 3 free matching Airball pop-ups.
Name TCode
Tangerine Dream 10mm 200 gram (3 free pop-ups) B3401
Tangerine Dream 15mm 200 gram (3 free pop-ups) B3411
Tangerine Dream 20mm 200 gram (3 free pop-ups) B3421
Tangerine Dream 10mm 1 kg (3 free pop-ups) B3501
Tangerine Dream 15mm 1 kg (3 free pop-ups) B3511
Tangerine Dream 20mm 1 kg (3 free pop-ups) B3521
Tangerine Dream 15mm 2.5 kg (3 free pop-ups) B3531
Tangerine Dream 20mm 2.5 kg (3 free pop-ups) B3541
Tangerine Dream 15mm 5 kg B3551
Tangerine Dream 20mm 5 kg B3561


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