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Nash Bolt Machines
453.00 р.
Bolt machine 7grm Code: T8470 Bolt machine 15grm Code: T8471 Bolt machine 30grm Code: T84..
134.00 р.
Instant Action Booster Juices are packed with the same attractors and enhancers as the boilies th..
Имитационные искусственные приманки Nash CITRUZ CULTURED HOOKBAITS
607.00 р.
Repeatedly layered over a balanced core bait using Nashbait’s unique two stage Culture glaze proc..
Имитационные искусственные приманки Nash CITRUZ POP UPS WHITE 10MM25G
337.00 р.
The Citruz range of Airball pop ups is the result of the most exhaustive testing of attractor com..
Искусственная насадка Nash Critters
337.00 р.
NEW Glow Beetle Critter Appealing to a carp’s inquisitive nature, this critter glows in the d..
Искусственная насадка Nash Zig Bugs
403.00 р.
Deadly zig hookbaits that imitate a carp’s natural food. Tied to Fang hooks, and available in mic..
Искусственные бойлы Nash  CRAB AND KRILL BOILIES
202.00 р.
Deep red, and rich in fishmeal and milk derived ingredients Crab and Krill contains both natural ..
Искусственные бойлы Nash COCONUT CRÈME BOILIES
202.00 р.
Bright white for tremendous visual attraction, based on the success of Nashbait’s legendary Amber..
Искусственные бойлы Nash TANGERINE DREAM BOILIES
202.00 р.
A stunning fruit blend that comes into its own when conditions are tough, bright orange Tangerine..
Искусственные насадки Nash Ziggaz
337.00 р.
Consisting of a silicone moulded line aligner with a stretchable loop housing, simply pick the Zi..
Искусственные насадки Nash Ziggaz Foam
269.00 р.
Ziggaz unique dual colour foams are black on the bottom to silhouette, attracting carp from below..
704.00 р.
Fast drying liquid tungsten that can be applied to hooks, shot, links, leaders and main lines, Cl..
Сыпучая прикормка Nash GYRO BUG MIX
1056.00 р.
Evolved to complement Kevin Nash’s ground breaking Zig Bug approach, no longer is groundbait limi..