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Подсак Advanta Discovery CX Rover Landing Net

  • Производитель: Advanta
  • Модель: AD037,AD038
  • Наличие: Под заказ
3333.00 р.
Цена без учета доставки
Matt black carbon composite 2 piece handle
Innovative dual arm net floats
Featuring shrink wrapped grips
Laser etched butt cap
Strong reinforced nylon spreader block
Deep green hex mesh
Net clip
Advanta Discovery CX Rover Landing Net
Advanta is a brand that is dedicated to creating quality tackle at affordable prices. What’s more, it is completely exclusive to Angling Direct so you won’t find this kind of value for money anywhere else! This Advanta Discovery CX Rover Landing Net is just one of the incredible products in the Discovery range, which has tackle for carp, coarse, and specialist anglers alike. As the name suggests, the Advanta Discovery CX Rover Landing Net has been designed with the mobile angler in mind and as such it comes with a two piece handle. This means that you can compact this net down into an easy to transport size that is ideal for strapping to your luggage for hands free roving through dense foliage. It also ensures that you can use the net at close range as well as using the net fully extended to land your catch. The handle features top quality shrink wrap gripping points. These have been designed to not only aid with the assembly and deconstruction of the net but they also ensure that even on damp and chilly days you can have a faultless hold of your gear. You can say goodbye to lost fish with this Advanta Discovery CX Rover Landing Net.
The Advanta Discovery CX Rover Landing Net has innovative dual arm net floats in-built into the design. Unlike other landing nets, there is no need to buy separately and awkwardly affix them! These support the weight of the net in the water, making it ideal to take with you if you need to wade in – if you have to have two hands on the rod at any point you can release your net without worrying that it will be lost to the depths. What’s more, these also help you to guide your net under your fish and prevent your mesh from weighing down your entire setup.
The spreader block is one of the most important aspects of net construction and the block on this Advanta Discovery CX Rover Landing Net is manufactured from ultra-tough reinforced nylon. Nylon is an exceptionally lightweight material, helping you to better manoeuvre your net through the water. The reinforcement of this nylon also ensures that the block is exceptionally strong, which is vital as this is the area of the net under the most strain when you raise your fish out of the water.
The mesh of the net itself is fish friendly and comes in a deep green hex-mesh pattern. This ensures that your fish is protected whilst in the net, whether you’re lift the fish from the water to the bank or you’re simply retaining the fish temporarily whilst you set up your scales. One of the biggest causes of fish injury is carp fins getting caught on the net and the fish friendly mesh ensures that the chances of this kind of harm is at a minimum. The Advanta Discovery CX Rover Landing Net has been fitted with a net clip to prevent any snagging, too. This is useful whether you’re roving around the bankside and you don’t have time to completely deconstruct your setup or you’re bringing fish in over snaggy or otherwise rough ground.
The Advanta Discovery CX Rover Landing Net is available in two sizes – the standard 42 inch size and, for a limited time only, a smaller 36 inch. This smaller size is ideal for tackling the smaller coarse species, whilst the larger size is perfect for all manner of UK carp. Whether you’re a mobile angler who likes to remain versatile on the bank or you are a session angler who appreciates the small pack down of this net, the Advanta Discovery CX Rover Landing Net is the perfect addition to your carp fishing tackle collection. 


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