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Подсак JRC Cocoon Landing Nets

  • Производитель: JRC
  • Модель: 1377134,1377135
  • Наличие: Под заказ
5737.00 р.
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Strong and slim carbon composite handle (total length 198cm) with a detachable front part (15cm)
Custom designed folding spreader block out of stainless steel
Strong arms and soft black mesh
Magnetic mesh retainer system
EVA floatation tubes around the arms
Japanese shrink rubber grip
Subtle logo positioning
Extremely durable and non-stretch tension cord
Available in 50 inch and 42 inch head
A robust and practical landing net that is the ideal tool under even the toughest conditions. The clever magnetic mesh retainer offers a simplistic solution for keeping the mesh out of the snags, compared to the damaging ring and clip systems on the market today. With its 198cm length it offers just a little bit more reach when fishing in difficult spots.

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