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Cумка для род-пода Radical Angling Full System Pod Including Carry Bag
20229.00 р.
A three rod fully adjustable pod that breaks down into component form allowing you to change your..
Перекладины на 3 удилища Radical Carbon 3 Rod Adj Buzz/Snag Bars
2696.00 р.
Sold individually in three different sizes. These bars can be used with single sticks or converte..
Стойка Radical Angling Carbon Banksticks
1011.00 р.
Manufactured in the UK from industrial grade 15mm diameter thick walled rolled carbon and finishe..
Стойка Radical Angling Carbon Storm Poles
3236.00 р.
Made from the same materials as our banksticks, these storm poles are extremely light and incredi..