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Катушка Advanta Ikon Classic Black Centerpin Reel

  • Производитель: Advanta
  • Модель: AD100
  • Наличие: Под заказ
3666.00 р.
Цена без учета доставки
A new addition to the Advanta Range
Silky smooth multi-bearing drive
Performs with incredible precision
One piece machine cut frame
One piece machine cut spool
Supplied with a neoprene storage pouch
Comes with line guard
This is a high-performance addition the Advanta range of quality fishing tackle.  Featuring a silky-smooth, multi-bearing drive, this is a precision centrepin reel that won’t let you down, no matter how much performance you demand from your fishing products.
A one-piece machine cut frame around a one-piece machine cut spool, the Ikon Centrepin Reel is incredibly durable, with complete rigidity, giving it the power to stand up to the biggest, liveliest fish battles, and to outperform expectations in even the roughest of water.
Built for aggressive UK fish, and engineered for the kind of performance that makes a lasting impression for exactly the right reasons, this sleek, striking centrepin reel is just one of many reasons to take a good look at the range of Advanta products.  As the “home brand” of the UK’s most successful fishing retailer, Angling Direct, every Advanta product is designed with anglers in mind, and infused with the passion and experience of a team comprised of many anglers of all disciplines and levels of experience.
Bringing together quality, reliability, and affordability, Advanta is everything anglers have been waiting for, with the added bonus of striking a stunning bankside profile into the bargain.
The Ikon reel features a built in line guard, which makes the reel ideal for light trotting, and gives you the ability to really kick your fishing up to the next level without worrying that extreme action will leave your line snarled, and hamper your performance. The 0.75” spool width gives you full casting ability, letting you send your line out as far as you like with no impact on the action, while a large, 4.25” arbour ensures you can reel in quickly and easily, no matter what’s on your hook, or how much of a fight it’s putting up on the way back to the bank.
A sleek, stylish, modern looking reel with timeless performance, the Advanta Ikon Classic Black Centrepin Reel is the ideal addition to your coarse fishing rods, providing stunning looks and striking performance in one affordable package.
Whether you’re exploring river fishing for the first time, or you’ve been an active part of angling matches for many years, this reel will give your river angling the Advanta advantage, and set you apart from the competition.
Angling Direct have always been serious about your fishing, and now, with the affordable quality of their range of Advanta products available in-store and online, you can bring that same level of committed focus and dedicated ambition to every aspect of your sport, whatever discipline you happen to fish, and wherever your fishing journey takes you.


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