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Катушка Advanta X5 30 Reel

  • Производитель: Advanta
  • Модель: AD120
  • Наличие: Под заказ
1433.00 р.
Цена без учета доставки
5+1 Ball bearings
Compact body
Micro-adjustable front drag
Quick fold handle
Soft touch ergonomic rubber grip
High gear ratio of 5.2:1
Line friendly nylon line clip
Quick trip bail arm with lock position
Oversized bail roller
Positive lock silent anti-reverse
1x aluminium spool and 1x polymetric spool
With its compact body and striking red trim, the Advanta X5 30 is a reel that punches well above its weight.
Featuring a micro-adjustable front drag, quick trip, locking bail arm, silent anti-reverse, and ergonomic rubber grip, along with a quick fold handle and line-friendly nylon clip, this reel gives you complete control over smaller fish species in any water, with the powerful gear ratio enabling a swift line return, getting your catch up to the bank and into the net quickly, and saving you vital seconds in a match fishing scenario, where how quickly you can bring in your line, whether to net another fish or change up your bait, really does matter.
Designed with match fishing in mind, the new X5 range from Advanta is dedicated to this ultimate expression of angling’s sporting nature, and brings match anglers at all levels the equipment, experience, and reliability that can make the difference out on the bank. Whether you’re looking forward to your first club match, or have been competing in opens for years, the X5 range from Advanta gives you the competitive performance edge you need, at the price you want.  If you want to look good on the bank and in the swim, with equipment that combines striking form with flawless function, then Angling Direct’s dedicated Advanta range, crafted with experience, passion, knowledge and expertise to bring you the ultimate high-performance angling experience.
Angling Direct have combined the friendly, reliable advice of your local tackle shop with the brand power and professional competence of a national brand to bring anglers of all disciplines the best tackle, equipment, and accessories, from brands such as Shimano, Fox, Trakker and Daiwa, as well as the dynamic energy and creative passion of emerging brands such as Advanta and RidgeMonkey, at prices that are all about value for money, and buy-it-now affordability.  With a commitment to the future of angling, Angling Direct are passionate about ensuring that, whatever your background, experience, or budget, there are no barriers to you getting the kit you need to fish the way you want.
A good quality reel can make the difference on almost any set up, and is the powerhouse of your angling arsenal.  Determining how far, smoothly, and accurately you can cast, how quickly and cleanly you can bring in your line once you’ve got a bite, and how easy it is to keep your line free of tangles, your reel really can make or break your fishing, so whether you’re just starting out, or updating your kit, getting the right reel should be your top priority.
With the Advanta X5 30 Reel, you can get all of this essential performance at a truly unbeatable price that you just can’t ignore. Get the Advanta advantage for your fishing with the X5 30 Reel.


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