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Катушка Daiwa Emcast Spod

  • Производитель: Daiwa
  • Модель: ECS
  • Наличие: Под заказ
5000.00 р.
Цена без учета доставки
The Daiwa Emcast Spod ‘n’ Mark reel has been built to the same exacting specifications as the much loved Emcast Big Pit reel. Ideal for use carp fishing to find all the features you require to have an outstanding session and perfect for baiting an area with spodfuls of bait, the Emcast Spod ‘n’ Mark is the dream companion for any top class Daiwa spod rod.
Many of the features of the Emcast Spod ‘n’ Mark are inspired by the best loved features of the Emcast Big Pit. This includes the big pit aluminium spool, enabling you to hit the furthest features as well as allowing you to match your standard cast distance – even with a fully loaded spod rocket attached. However, where this reel really sets its mark is with its incredible high powered retrieve. The 4.9:1 gearing ratio ensures you get an exceptionally high power conversion rate and this reel is a high crank reel. This allows you to retrieve a whopping 102cm of line with each handle turn – ideal for pulling in spods from a great distance with incredible speed. This saves you ample time on the bank as it allows you to get your spodding done quickly and accurately – enabling you to get started with the real fishing sooner.
This is a light reel, thanks to the combination of a graphite body and rotor. This ensures that you spod and marker work doesn’t turn into a chore resulting in sore arms. As you might except from a marker reel, the Emcast features a sprung loaded line clip. This allows you to make note of feature with ease and ensures you routinely hit the same spod spots for accurate baiting. The Emcast Spod ‘n’ Mark comes supplied with a spare spool as standard and is an essential addition to any serious angler’s tackle collection.

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