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Индикатор поклевки Prologic K3 BITE INDICATOR set
3333.00 р.
To complete the look, we’ve also launched a dedicated K3 bite indicator. 3k high modulus carbon b..
Индикатор поклевки Prologic SNZ BITE INDICATOR
1133.00 р.
Elegant and functional, this range of swing and hang bite indicator will suit the need of the mos..
Индикатор поклевки Prologic Wind Blade Bite Indicator
1333.00 р.
One more great innovation from Prologic, this visual bite indicator is a real hybrid between swin..
Карповый набор Prologic Cruzade Carp Kit R.T.G.
1733.00 р.
We have collected together some of our best selling products in this ready-to-go carp kit. Ultra ..
Комплект сигнализаторов Prologic BAT  BITE ALARM SET
6666.00 р.
Stylish, reliable and great bite detection accuracy, the all new BAT+ bite alarm set is built to ..
Набор индикаторов Prologic P.A.C. Swing And Hang Indicator Kit
866.00 р.
As in the Prologic tradition we offer a full assortment of colours and additional weight on this ..
6666.00 р.
The K3 Receiver is actually much more than just a receiver. As well as featuring the same 3K Carb..
Сигнализатор Prologic BAT BITE ALARM
999.00 р.
Compact and elegant, the new BAT bite alarm is a perfect and safe choice for every angler. It com..
Сигнализатор Prologic K3 BITE ALARM
3999.00 р.
The K3 bite alarm is the result of a 2-year project which has seen countless tests, tweaks, more ..
Сигнализатор Prologic R2L BITE ALARM
3333.00 р.
React To Light, this is how this brand new alarm works. Here at Prologic we have started this pro..
Сигнализатор Prologic SMX Alarms WTS
2000.00 р.
Extremely compact, the new SMX alarms from Prologic have all the important features needed from t..
Сигнализатор Prologic SNZ BITE ALARM
2000.00 р.
Our brand new SNZ is the successor of our glorious Senzora bite alarm. New design and new interna..