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Комплект Advanta Sleepcell 5 Season Sleeping Bag & CX Basha Combo

  • Производитель: Advanta
  • Модель: AS5SSBCXBC
  • Наличие: Под заказ
7333.00 р.
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Sleeping Bag *
1 x Advanta Sleepcell 5 Season Sleeping Bag
Basha *
1 x Advanta Discovery CX Summit Basha
Advanta Sleepcell 5 Season Sleeping Bag & CX Basha Combo,
Advanta Sleepcell 5 Season Sleeping Bag,
Advanta is proud to state that the Sleepcell Five Season is one of the warmest sleeping bags on the market. Incredibly versatile, this bag offers two sleeping options and is effectively two sleeping bags in one, able to be used independently or in tandem for an ultra-warm sleeping experience. These bags can be easily attached and released via the use of high quality 10mm quick release zips, which in are protected by anti-snag baffle. This baffle ensures that you can always enjoy easy access to your sleeping bag, so you never have to worry about battling with the zip to escape the bag should you hear a scream in the night from your bite alarm.
Advanta Discovery CX Summit Basha,
If you’re an angler for whom mobility is the most important consideration when purchasing new tackle items then this Advanta Discovery CX Summit Basha will be the ideal product for you. Lightweight and compact, this is the ideal shelter solution for the angler who enjoys quick overnighters. It is based on the traditional military style and it is renowned for its incredible versatility. This is so much more than just a simple shelter and it can be used in multiple different ways, enabling you to tackle each scenario on the bank.


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