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Спальный мешок Advanta Discovery CX4 4 Season Combi Peachskin Quilt

  • Производитель: Advanta
  • Модель: AD079
  • Наличие: Под заказ
2666.00 р.
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Creates an extra level of warmth and comfort
Waterproof peachskin outer
Breathable quilt inner
4 snap-lock buckles
Elasticated foot-end bedchair fixing
Supplied in a Nylon storage bag
Weight: 1.5kg
Advanta Discovery CX4 4 Season Combi Peachskin Quilt
Sleeping bags are often considered the only option when you’re looking to stay warm at night on the bank. For some anglers, a sleeping bag is more of a nightmare than a dream product and it isn’t hard to see why. Often bulky and awkward to transport down to the bank, sleeping bags can feel claustrophobic and it can be difficult to make a quick escape should your bite alarm cry out in the early hours. However, with products such as this Advanta Discovery CS4 Four Season Combi Peachskin Quilt, you needn’t feel restricted by a sleeping bag on the bank.
As the name suggests, this overnight solution is modelled on your everyday quilt, such as the one you would normally sleep under at home. This gives your time on the bank a much more homely feel and you’re able to move as freely under this quilt as you would in your own bed. This is the four season version of the Advanta quilt, which means that it is ideal for use through the spring, summer, and autumn months. If you are especially hot blooded, then you might prefer this quilt as a lightweight winter option, too, however Advanta would suggest choosing a five season option for the very coldest weather in order to ensure that you can keep warm and insulated throughout the night. You can also use the Advanta Discovery CS4 Four Season Combi Peachskin Quilt as an extra layer for those sub-zero nights on the bank, when even your thickest sleeping bag just won’t do!
The Advanta Discovery CS4 Four Season Combi Peachskin Quilt has an ultra-soft peachskin outer. This is super smooth to the touch and completely comfortable on the skin. What’s more, this is also a completely waterproof material, ensuring that you’re protected from any splash back when you’re sleeping in an open fronted shelter, as well as from any condensation drips that you might experience when the temperature drops during the night. The inner quilt is completely breathable. This is vital when you have a waterproof outer coating, as you need to ensure that any sweat is able to evaporate and dry on the skin. Without a breathable inner, you’ll end up feeling clammy and damp by the morning, which isn’t the most pleasant way to wake up! This combination of waterproof outer and breathable inner ensures that you’ll keep dry all night long – unless you need to make a dash out to the water’s edge, that is!
One of the biggest issues that anglers might associate with a quilt is the risk of it falling from the bedchair during the night. However, this isn’t a problem with the Advanta Discovery CS4 Four Season Combi Peachskin Quilt. This quilt has been fitted with an elasticated bedchair fixing at the foot section, in order to ensure that the base of the quilt never leaves your feet exposed to the cold air inside your bivvy. Similarly, it has also been fitted with four snap-lock buckles, allowing you to attach the quilt to the bedchair at various intervals. This allows you to dictate the level of airflow you can experience in the quilt, making it the ideal all-seasons sleeping solution.
The Advanta Discovery CS4 Four Season Combi Peachskin Quilt is supplied in its own quality nylon storage bag, although it can be left on the bedchair for ease of transport – should you so desire. It weighs in at a mere 1.5kg, making it the ideal lightweight solution for the mobile or roving angler, and it comes in a carpy olive green colour to complete the rest of your carp fishing gear.


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