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Спальный мешок Advanta Discovery CX4 Wide 4 Season Sleeping Bag

  • Производитель: Advanta
  • Модель: AD105
  • Наличие: Под заказ
5999.00 р.
Цена без учета доставки
Luxurious peachskin cotton fabric outer shell
Generous Hollowfill insulation
Fleece baffle for 4 season warmth
Unparalleled comfort and freedom of movement
Fleece lined top section with nylon quilted body section
7inch draft-excluder skirts to reduce cold air penetration
Full anti-snag zips with locking clips
Zipped mobile phone pocket
Elasticated anti-twist head and foot fixing
Features a nylon wellie wipe section
Double fixing bedchair straps for zero twist
Supplied in nylon stash bag
Will fit most wide beds
Dimensions: 200cm L x 100cm W
Weight: 3.25kg
When you’re out on the bank overnight, or longer, comfort and warmth become key concerns, as it’s hard to focus on your fishing tactics when you’re chilled to the bone, and wishing you could just give up and go home.  Even during summer, when the daytime temperatures are high, nights can become very cold, very quickly.  Investing in a good quality sleeping bag, that perfectly fits your bedchair and gives you year-round warmth and comfort, so that, while you’re able to get toasty in seconds during winter, you won’t feel clammy and overheated during warmer summer nights, can really make a difference to your bankside mindset, and, through that, to your angling performance.  Beyond warmth and comfort, when you’re out on the bank, you’ll need your sleeping bag to allow for complete freedom of movement, and provide a way for you to clean the worst of the mud off your boots before climbing in fully clothed; experienced anglers know only too well that the best bites tend to come just when you’ve settled down for the night, and you need to be out of your bivvy and down the bank as quickly as possible, to convert those bites, and bring them to the bankside.
With an elasticated anti-twist had and foot fixing, this sleeping bag allows you the effortless movement you need, ensuring your sleeping bag doesn’t wrap around you while you’re sleeping, and cause problems when you’re woken by your bite alarm, and need to respond quickly, while the nylon wellie wipe section means you can get into your sleeping bag with your boots on, ready to head down to the bank at a moment’s notice, without getting the inside of the bag too dirty in the process. Double fixing, zero twist straps hold the sleeping bag securely to most wide bedchairs, and mean you don’t move around on the bedchair too much overnight – or risk falling off!  In terms of keeping you warm, 7” full draft excluder skirts help reduce cold air penetration, while full anti-snag zips with locking clips give you protection and security, with easy access in and out of the sleeping bag.  Generously filled with Hollowfill insulation, the sleeping bag features a fleece baffle for 4-season warmth and comfort, and a luxurious peachskin cotton outer skin.  The top section of the sleeping bag is fleece lined, while the body is nylon quilted, giving optimal warmth in winter without becoming too hot during summer. There’s even a zipped mobile phone pocket, so you can keep your smartphone to hand, ready to update your social media followers with your latest catch, and the sleeping bag comes with a nylon stash bag that ensures it is fully protected in storage and in transit.
Advanta is a brand with a dedication to providing quality, high-performance angling tackle and accessories at affordable prices. Appealing to anglers of all disciplines, Advanta products are brought to you exclusively by Angling Direct, one of the UK’s most popular fishing retailers, and are suitable for the novice and experienced angler alike.


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