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Газовая горелка Advanta Discovery CSX Supernova Stove

  • Производитель: Advanta
  • Модель: AD153
  • Наличие: Под заказ
2999.00 р.
Цена без учета доставки
Stove weight: 280g / 10oz
Power: 3500W
Fuel: Butane
Ignition Mode: Piezo electric igniter
Material: Aluminium alloy and stainless steel
Folded size: 105.5mm D x 82mm H
Unfolded size: 168mm D x 9mm H
Whether  you're rounding off an all-day session with a bankside brew, or starting the second day of an extended session with a traditional fry up, this Supernova Stove from Advanta can handle all your bankside cuisine needs, from Great British basics to the very best of imaginative nouveau cuisine.
Built to withstand the elements, and keep you cooking however cold, wet, or windy the weather gets, this is an excellent idea for a bankside basics kit addition, whatever your fishing discipline.
One of the biggest benefits of the Advanta Stove is its huge pre-heating duct. This enables the stove to efficiently trap heat directly under your pan or kettle, ensuring that it can reach high temperatures quickly, so you won't have to wait around in the cold for that tasty meal or warming cup of tea. Quite apart from the convenience, and obvious benefits to yourself, this efficiency makes the stove very economical to run.
With a windproof core, the stove can handle typical British bank conditions, even without a windshield, which makes it the ideal option for mobile, roving anglers who don't want to be weighed down with a lot of kit, as well as for any angler for whom space, whether in the car or the barrow, is limited. The stove is high powered, with a total output of 3,500 watts. It is powered by butane gas and it is ignited via a piezo electric system. This ensures that you never need to worry about the elements preventing you from lighting your stove, giving you the freedom to enjoy your favourite bankside treat whatever the weather.
The stove is manufactured from ultra-durable aluminium alloy and super lightweight stainless steel. This ensures that this stove can withstand all the usual rigours of life on the bankside whilst also remaining easy to transport. The Advanta Discovery CSX Supernova Stove is collapsible, creating  a compact package that fits neatly into any pocket of your carp fishing luggage. When folded, this stove is just 105.5mm in diameter and 82mm high. It even comes supplied in its own hard-case cube. This protects the stove from all the usual knocks and scrapes of a journey to a hidden, vibrant swim, as well as making it easy to store.
With sturdy, anti-slip legs, you'll never face the horror of watching your breakfast slide into the water – which has to be almost as bad was watching your potential new personal best slide off your rig. Large enough to cook the very best of bankside grub, but small enough to slip into a side pocket on your carryall, this stove has to be the ultimate in practical bankside value for money.
Advanta is a passionate, creative brand from the angling enthusiasts behind Angling Direct, one of Britain's most popular fishing retail businesses, with an ever-growing range of stores, and an endless wealth of angling expertise.  From bankside accessories to top of the range tackle and equipment, Advanta gives you the ultimate advantage in every aspeect of your fishing lifestyle.


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