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Cумка для род-пода Radical Angling Full System Pod Including Carry Bag

  • Производитель: Radical Angling
  • Модель: RA0012A,RA0012B
  • Наличие: Под заказ
20229.00 р.
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A three rod fully adjustable pod that breaks down into component form allowing you to change your set up in seconds. Use as a pod, a two stick buzz bar arrangement or as four stick snag bars. Made from the same quality components as the rest of our range this really is the ultimate in both looks and utility. Unlike other suppliers, we supply you with everything you need as standard.

Comes complete with a Cotswold Aquarius bag that allows you to leave your alarms on the bars, a fully adjustable pod base, two 9’’ banksticks, two 12’’ banksticks, a pair of 3 rod adjustable buzz/snag bars, two female cap thread protectors and four snag screws.

All this packs into the tiny 14’’ x 12’’ bag and weighs in at less than 3lb.

Full System Carry Bag 
Manufactured for us by Cotswold Aquarius this bag is quality.
Available as an add on it will take the full system and allow you to leave your alarms on the bars.

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