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Бейсбольная кепка KORUM PEAKED CAP
566.00 р.
A simple lightweight peaked cap with 3D Korum logo on the front. The long peak is great for cutti..
670.00 р.
This Korum cap is made from a wool/cotton blend, which is highly breathable and comfortable. ..
Бусины Korum 8mm Hard Beads
99.00 р.
These reinforced 8mm Hard Beads are perfect for a multitude of presentations. The material used p..
Бусины Korum Semi-Fix Beads
101.00 р.
Tapered to allow a slow release to go from fixed to running as the fish takes the bait. Two colou..
Быстросъемная клипса Korum Carp Lead Clips
168.00 р.
A great, simple lead clip for carp fishing. Just click it onto the swivel and go!   ..
Быстросъемная клипса Korum Speci Lead Clips
168.00 р.
Great for specimen fishing – a scaled down lead clip when you really want your end tackle to blen..
Вертлюг с застежкой Korum Link Swivels
99.00 р.
Small, strong and neat swivel connected to a snap link. Perfect for changing between feeders, led..
Вертлюги Korum Ready Heli Kits
166.00 р.
Everything you need to create a quick-change Helicopter rig on one wire! The use of Mega Grip Sto..
Голова подсака Korum Specimen Spoon
1147.00 р.
Featuring super-soft mesh with large holes that is easy to handle even in a strong flow, the Spoo..
Готовая оснастка Korum Braided Hair Rigs
202.00 р.
The Korum Braided Carp Hair Rigs come with all the components you need to tie the perfect Braided..
Готовая оснастка Korum Camo Running Rig Kit
299.00 р.
The Camo Korum Running Rig Kit provides everything required to create the ultimate free flowing s..
Готовая оснастка Korum Xpert Power Braid Hair Rigs
202.00 р.
Tied using the highest quality Xpert Power Braid and Xpert Hooks, the rigs will not let you down ..
Комплект для оснастки Korum Buffer Bead Kit
134.00 р.
The classic Buffer Bead. Hardwearing construction. Size 10 swivels included. Perfect for simp..
Комплект клипс Korum Camo Running Rig Clips
266.00 р.
These Camo Running Rig Clips means changing methods is done in seconds, whilst also providing a n..
Комплект клипс Korum Lead Clip Kit
269.00 р.
The Carp Lead Clip clicks on to size 8 swivels to secure in place. Includes 10 green Lead Clips &..
Кормушка Korum GRUB FEEDER
134.00 р.
This unique clam-style design will revolutionise maggot fishing. Simply open up, fill the feeder ..
Кормушка Korum Mesh Feeder
108.00 р.
Large specimen mesh feeders with a flat base which holds bottom better than round feeders. The me..
Кормушка Korum MINI Grub Feeder
134.00 р.
After the huge success of the original Grub Feeder, we've introduced a smaller version to the ran..
102.00 р.
The holes in the side make them a slightly slower release than the mesh making them more suitable..
Кормушка Korum River Feeders
135.00 р.
Designed to sit low on the river bed, the River Feeder was designed to allow angler's to use less..
Кормушка Korum Swivel Grub Feeders
134.00 р.
Building on the huge success of the inline Korum Grub Feeders we have now launched a swivel versi..
Кофта Korum Heather green Hoodie
2667.00 р.
The korum Heather green Hoodie is made using 65% cotton and 35% polyester making it both versatil..
Крепление для кормушки Korum Feeda Beads
133.00 р.
This free-running, low friction Korum Feedabead keeps resistance down to a minimum and has a quic..
Леска Korum Xpert Reel line
539.00 р.
Rigorously tested reel line that is designed to cope with everything you throw at it. It beds in ..
269.00 р.
Designed to avoid the need for a dedicated mould or special ground bait mixes. Simply use with th..
Модуль для методных ловушек Korum Dura Method Feeder MOULD
269.00 р.
Korum Dura-Method Feeders provide a super strong feeder that ensures all your bait gets to the la..
Модуль для методных ловушек Korum Dura Method FEEDERS
269.00 р.
Korum Dura-Method Feeders provide a super strong feeder that ensures all your bait gets to the la..
Набор для оснастки "вертолет"  Korum Xpert Adjustable Heli Rigs
269.00 р.
Purpose designed Helicopter setup that can be threaded directly to your main line for an anti-tan..
Набор поплавков Korum Ready Float Kits
166.00 р.
Everything you need to fish with a tidy, adjustable float setup on one wire. Two large Grip Stops..
Очки Korum iDefinition Sunglasses
1066.00 р.
iDefinition provides a specially selected polarised lens design that offers greater perception of..
Подставка под удилища Korum Angle Adjust Barbel Rest
337.00 р.
Super compact rod rest with snag bar style design. Angle adjustment to provide maximum versatilit..
Подставка под удилища Korum Barbel Rest
236.00 р.
Super compact rod rest with snag bar style design. Overmoulded section to provide a softer rest a..
Поплавок для подсачека Korum Net Float
337.00 р.
Designed to make landing fish on your own much easier. A simple float that attaches to your landi..
Противозакручиватель Korum Camo Anti Tangle Sleeves
233.00 р.
These Camo Anti Tangle Sleeves provide the optimum boom to help kick your rig away from the lead ..
3644.00 р.
These super tough, neoprene lined rubber wellington boots are a stylish and practical option for ..
Сетка ПВА Korum PVA Mesh With Bait Cutter
539.00 р.
This innovative PVA funnel means you can cut baits up using the tube itself. Built-in b..
Сигнализатор поклевки Korum Swindicator
472.00 р.
This Swindicator Bite Indicator Kit is ideal for increasing your bite indication when fishing for..
Стойка Korum Leverage Bankstick
466.00 р.
The Korum Leverage range of bankware is made from a super-lightweight aluminium that's built to l..
Стопор Korum Meat Screws
101.00 р.
Wide bore screw to suit softer baits like meat. ‘Retro-fit’ system means you can clip to any rig...
Стопор для насадки Korum Quickstops
101.00 р.
The innovative Korum Quickstops are a major breakthrough in bait stop design. Permanently attache..
Стопор для насадки Korum XL Quickstops
101.00 р.
Designed for use with larger and harder baits, the new XL Quickstops are perfect for boilies, lar..
Стопора Korum Mega Grip Stops
133.00 р.
These fantastic line stops have a special tapered design which helps reduce tangles and streamlin..
Стопора Korum Rubber Stops
101.00 р.
Perfect for float rigs, bolt rigs and helicopter rigs. Each pack contains 6 x small, 6 x medium, ..
Стопора для пеллетса Korum Pellet Stops
134.00 р.
Originally designed for use with drilled pellets. The flat moulded ends on the feet allow easy in..
Сумка для взвешивания Korum ROVING WEIGH SLING
799.00 р.
The Korum Roving Weigh Sling is the ultimate lightweight weigh sling. Ideal for the mobile angler..
Футболка Korum Heather green T-shirt
1333.00 р.
The korum Heather green T-shirt is made using 60% cotton and 40% polyester making it both versati..