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Футболка Korda Stand Out from the Crowd T-Shirts

  • Производитель: Korda
  • Наличие: Под заказ
1347.00 р.
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hese T-Shirts are brand new additions to the Korda clothing range. They are cut from super-soft and comfortable material and Korda have selected their new earthy colours from a subtle and distinctive palette. The cut of the T-Shirts is classic and comfortable, yet slightly tailored for a smart look that is as much at home on the high street as it is on the bank.
The designs are carpy and subtle, but have a quirkiness that is distinctively Korda! The clever design and subtle hashtag detailing on the back of this garment make it quite unlike any other T-Shirt.
Stand Out From The Crowd are be available in two colours, Rifle Green and Turkish Coffee.
Sizes: Small to XXXL.

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